Silverbacks Go Green
Posted on Fri, Mar 2, 2012

Atlanta Silverbacks Park has recently implemented a series of eco-friendly initiatives as part of a new “Go Green” campaign, the organization announced on Friday.

The Park has started using a single-stream recycling program, which includes materials such as plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, and cardboard. The new program allows all recyclable items to be safely disposed in one container, eliminating the need to use staff resources to sort the materials.

Another new program to the Silverbacks will be fry-oil recycling from Coastal Biodiesel. The cooking oil used in the concession area will be picked up and applied towards the creation of biodiesel fuel, which burns 75% cleaner than petroleum fuel.

Each of the Park’s drink coolers has been replaced with new, ENERGY STAR-rated coolers, which use drastically less energy.

The concession area has also eliminated the use of Styrofoam cups, which take hundreds of years to decompose and have proven harmful to birds and other animals. Instead of Styrofoam, the Park has begun using cups that are made with recycled materials.

In the restrooms at Atlanta Silverbacks Park, hand dryers have been installed, taking the place of paper towels.  The hand dryers will eliminate the amount of waste associated with the use of paper towels. 

All of the new eco-friendly initiatives are part of a new “Go Green” program at Atlanta Silverbacks Park, which will continue to develop in the coming months.