SilverKickers Frequently Asked Questions


 1.     Can I join in the middle of a session?

Yes! We have open enrollment, so you can join anytime and class fees are prorated.

2.     What if I can't make it to one of my classes?

You are allowed to make up any missed classes within the session in which you are enrolled, In order to qualify for a make-up class, and let us know in advance when their child will be absent.  Make-ups are done on a space available basis.  Make-ups do not carry over into the next session, unless we do not offer that class a second time in the same season.

3.     Can I drop my child off for class?

No, classes are 50 minutes and require a parent/guardian to be on-site.

4.     How long are the classes?

Each of our classes are 50 minutes with water breaks.

5.     What should my kids wear?

Participants should wear comfortable clothes and indoor/turf soccer shoes or plain tennis shoes (no cleats). Shin guards are needed for Striker Classes and Striker Advanced classes. SilverKicker uniforms are also available and are a fun way to outfit your child and make them feel like part of a team.

6.     How many girls or boys are in a class?

Classes are coed, so the mix of children is based on who registers. If you have five or more players, we can create a class for you if you would like a specific mix of children pending the availability of time and field space.

7.     What is the difference between a Striker Class and a Kickers Class?

Kicker Classes are for beginners 18 months to 6 years old  and serve to build a firm foundation of fundamentals that helps develop individual skills. Striker Classes are for more advanced 4 to 10 year old players they will do more one-ball oriented drills to help players transition from individual skills to team skills. Small-sided, non-competitive scrimmages will also be played during class time. You must have played a season of outdoor or taken 2 of our Kickers classes before you can be recommended to one of these classes. 

8.     How long are your sessions?

We typically offer 10 week sessions year round.

9.     Do you offer private classes?

We do offer and create private classes for individuals and groups that want to bring in 4 or more participants.

10.  What kind of instructors do you have?

All SilverKickers instructors are carefully screened to ensure we provide quality, child-centered and high energy instruction. Instructors go through a rigorous training process which includes among other things child development theory and background checks. Instructors may or may not be licensed.

11.  What are 18 month old children going to do in the class?

Classes for this age group focus on building important basic skills such as balance and coordination. A variety of sensory activities such as bubbles, parachutes, noodles and cones towers are presented in a sequence that promotes skill development and cognitive mapping.

12.  How come they don't play more soccer in this program?

While many soccer programs are busy using adult-like skill drills to hammer home the fundamentals of soccer, we approach coaching from a child-centered perspective. In other words, we make learning fun for kids. We put instruction into a context children understand using special techniques designed around how kids naturally learn. SilverKickers teaches your child the fundamentals of soccer, but focuses on developing the whole child. Our program helps develop a child's social, emotional, and cognitive skills while exercising the child's body and creating players who are well-balanced and conscientious on and off the soccer field.

13.  When should my child move up to the next class?

Advancing to the next class really depends on the child and how they are doing in the class. Sports at this level are much more about overall growth and the experience than just physical capabilities. Prior to moving a child, we consider not just their physical needs, but also their emotional and cognitive needs. This helps create a successful learning environment and creates a balanced player. Your child's instructor can help evaluate which class is most appropriate for his or her needs.

14.  How many free trials do I get?

The free trial policy is usually limited to one free class per child. However, in special circumstances the SilverKickers Coordinator may allow an additional free class.

15.  Can I get a SilverKickers discount for both my kids?

Yes! We offer sibling discounts of 10% OFF classes for any additional children after the first registration.

16.  Can we come on any day?

No, in order to maintain class ratios and consistency within the program, we schedule children for specific times and days. When registering it is important to determine which day best suits your schedule. Of course there will be occasions when a make-up class is needed. In that situation, you can schedule a make-up class for any day there is space available. If your schedule changes during the session and a different day is needed, we will try to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. However, changes are based on space availability.