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Name Date Posted League Age Gender Comments Contact
Matthew Partin 02-22-14 7v7 11v11 27 Male Grew up playing soccer. Played intramural in high school and college. Been on a few tours through Brazil and played As high as division 2 pro in the league there. 5 yrs with club soccer after college SBFC in San Diego at premier lvl Greenville Eagles in SC. I'm coming off a 1 1/2 yrs off season looking to get back into competitive play. Played mostly forward, wing, or midfield my whole life. Request Details
samuel iaquinta 02-15-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 29 Male I play midfield but am flexible to play anywhere. Played soccer all my life and at silverback park for a couple years. Played on teams in D5 - D2. I am currently on a monday team and am looking another. Request Details
Brian 02-15-14 7v7 11v11 45 Male Many years of soccer- select growing up, adult leagues for years, indoor, outdoor 7v7, and outdoor 11v11. Left footed, typically mid/winger type player, can play up and back and accurate passer to get plays moving. Request Details
John Rincon 02-14-14 7v7 11v11 23 Male

23 year old looking to play for a team on Saturdays. I've been playing since I can remember and currently play D2 7v7 on Mondays, however I'm looking to play more than just once a week. I'm a forward who loves making runs behind the back line, but also love drifting out wide and taking players on down the flanks. I can also play on the right or left of the defense. I'm a committed and dedicated player that's just looking to get on another team and get more game time.

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Amy Poe 02-13-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 27 Female

Hey! I recently moved to Atlanta and am looking for a rec league to join. I have played soccer for 15 years including high school, premier club and college intramurals. I play the striker/forward position, but also spent many years in goal. In terms of flag football, I have played for several years as well including college intramurals and ad league. Would love to join any team looking to be competitive yet still have fun.

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Alec M. 02-12-14 7v7 11v11 18 Male

Hey, I am looking for a 7v7 or 11v11 team to join. I am a left back and center back. I also have played club soccer for 11 years and played varsity through high school.

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Sasha Ghasemshahi 02-10-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Male Have been playing soccer all of my life. Looking to join a competitive team. Recently moved to Atlanta and looking for a competitive men's team that wants to win! Request Details
Jeremy Hogan 02-10-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Male

Played soccer and football my whole life. Just graduated from UT and moved down here and would love to play on any team whatsoever. I would make my own team but as of right now, I don't know many people here.

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Matheus Goncalves (Matt) 02-06-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 32 Male

Brazilian soccer player, right footed, I play forward and offensive midfield. I started playing soccer when I was 2yo, and played as PRO from 11 to 18. Looking for recreational level for now (because I'm a little out of shape), but I'll be looking for something more competitive in the near future.

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Phil Johnston 01-25-14 7v7 11v11 25 Male

I play midfield or defense. I have been playing since I was a kid through high school and intramural in college. I would like to join the co-ed league on Tuesdays starting in the spring.

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Jeremy Nodine 01-23-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 25 Male

20 years experience in competitive play. I like to play in many positions, but most experience on the wing or forward. Really love to play.

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Fernando Chavez 01-20-14 7v7 11v11 21 Male

I'm from Mexico, my preffered position is GK, I've been playing in that positions for more than 4 years. I want a team for saturday or sunday

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Henry Belcher 01-15-14 7v7 11v11 26 Male My wife and I are looking for a co-ed team to join. I played while in the Air Force and she's played for years. Its been a little while for both of us so we have to shake off the rust lol. Request Details
Ivan Moreno 01-11-14 7v7 11v11 24 Male

I played club since I was 5, then played high school and college. Soccer is what I pretty much grew up on. I played at Silverbacks leagues before, and would like to join again, I always have fun at these games. I play mid or forward. Looking forward to here from someone thank you.

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Jackie O'Brien 11-20-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 24 Female

I've played soccer since I was 4 years-old and have missed playing the past 3 years! I played rugby for 2 years in college and have been trying to play a little with the women's team here, but would also love to get back into soccer. Being new to Atlanta I want to get involved in some new things and hope to join a team in this league as I live nearby! Most of my life I played either outside midfield or forward. Running is not really my strength so forward would be better, but either way I have always been an offensive player. I'm not sure how intense this league is, but would love more details and competition in a sport I have loved my whole life. Feel free to contact me at any time!

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Magnum Jiraboondilok 11-20-13 7v7 11v11 25 Male I'm 6'1" and right footed. I like playing on the outside. Preferably left mid. But I've played full back, center half, and center mid. I've been playing since I was 6 years old. I played for my school up to high school and played intramurals in college. Request Details
Andrew Mungan 11-20-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Male

Played competitive soccer through high school. Played collegiate Ultimate frisbee for Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Recently moved to Atlanta, looking to get back into playing recreational sports.

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Carlos A. 11-11-13 7v7 11v11 24 Male

I have been playing since I was a kid. I played club and then at school as well. I have played in the Silverbacks league, and I was set to play this current season, but I had to take some time off because of an injury. I would love to get back into it. I can play anywhere in the back as well as outside mid.

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Henry Belcher 11-08-13 7v7 11v11 26 Male

Experienced Goalie!!! Looking to play at any level. Received goalie of the year award out of all US Air Force base teams.

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Taylor Henderson 11-07-13 7v7 11v11 23 Male

Played competitively in high school and recreational through college (my school didn't have a team) I'm right footed and can work on the wing, center and any position on defense. I consider myself a talented playmaker/chance creator and my long balls are deadly. Looking for a group of cool people to play with competitively but also for the love of the game.

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Oscar Cerna 11-07-13 11v11 21 Male

Have played for my high school team Play for my College team (Toccoa Falls College)

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Dan Davis 11-07-13 7v7 11v11 35 Male

Recently moved to Atlanta from London, have played regular competitive football since the age of 10. Can play pretty much anywhere in defense or midfield. Sundays 11 v 11 would be my preferred option but open to other offers. Looking to find a regular team but also flexible if you need me to fill in for a game or too. Cheers Dan

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Sebastian Romano 11-07-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 27 Male

A lifelong soccer player, accustomed to a variety of positions. Played throughout high school and intramurals in college. In high school primarily played outside midfield and defense. In college played mostly central midfield, though I did play out wide as well. Also capable as a false 9 and as an outside defender. Overall good ball and passing skills. I am super chill and open to filling the needs of your team!

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Donnacha Fitton 11-05-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 24 Male

Just moved to Atlanta from Ireland. Have played club soccer for 14 years. Played in Ireland, England and South Korea. Competent right back, right mid or centre mid. Can play centre back if needed. Give us a shout if you are stuck for a player.

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Myron Green 11-05-13 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 28 Male Beginner Request Details
Dave Brown 11-05-13 7v7 11v11 41 Male

Committed (and pay-on-time) player looking for: 1..) Mens O-40 (any div.) AND 2.) Co-ed O-30 or open (D2 or lower) Looking for a permanent team in both. Experience: 30+ years experience; currently play Men's O-40 Premier; pick-up on weekends with D1-D5 level players; Position: offense-minded - striker/winger or midfielder; good passing skills; good field vision; team player with ability to finish and assist

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Anna Selser 11-05-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Female

I've been playing competitively my whole life, played at a competitive D3 school in college. I'm already in a league on Tuesday nights so another day would be ideal- I'm flexible. I prefer defense but will also play midfield.

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Jairobe McPherson 11-05-13 11v11 24 Male

6"0 / 175lbs Defender/midfielder Looking for a competitive team/league to play on. 11v11 only. Played here in GA at Collins High School Played at Atlanta fire united in top division in state during high school Recruited by lipscomb university, chowan university, southern polytechnic university Would also be interested in practicing/scrimmaging with a team if no immediate openings are available 4044510988

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andres vargas 11-05-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 31 Male


Request Details
Samantha 11-05-13 7v7 11v11 21 Female

I currently play Wednesday nights on a co-ed team but am looking for a more competitive feel. I have played for school and travel teams since I was 4. I love to play midfield but am a good forward as well. 770-508-4346

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Stephanie 11-01-13 7v7 11v11 34 Female

Looking for a D5-D4 level team on Monday nights or Saturdays. I am willing to play any position except goalie.

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Alia Reid 10-31-13 7v7 11v11 21 Female

I played club and highschool all throughout highschool. I havent really played competitively for the past 4 years, and I am looking to get back into playing. I am left footed, so I can play almost anywhere on the left side. But left outside mid or left defense is where I have the most experience. Tuesdays and Thursdays are best for me, but I can work with other night of the week as well!

Request Details
Alberth Jimenez 10-30-13 7v7 11v11 19 Male

I'm from Colombia Have played football (Soccer) all my life I was Champion with my high school In Trinidad and Tobago I have also played with ES Madrid U17 U19 U21 a club located in Trinidad I'm a striker, winger and midfielder I am a right footer but I am extremely accurate with both my feet I quick I got "Most assists" With ES Madrid at the end of the season. I recently moved to Atlanta and still looking for a team to join.

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Francisco Chaidez 10-29-13 11v11 16 Male

Former starter at U19 CONCORDE FIRE as attacking mid-fielder and Tri-Cities high school. Skilled in mid-fielder and stricker (Holding mid, attacking mid espicially, wings). I'm 5,9 145lbs looking for a D1 or D2 team.

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Rob 10-23-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 30 Male

Former D1 college player recently moved to Atlanta. Can play defense or in midfield, looking to join a co-ed and/or men's league team.

Request Details
Alex Fung 10-22-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Male

Active athlete looking for a D3/D4 soccer team for recreation/fun. Beginner looking to have fun and learn. Willing to play any position. Willing to commit to schedule.

Request Details
Mike 08-15-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 26 Male Recently moved to Atlanta and I am looking to join a team. I am looking for any team, competitive or non. I played in high school and at a Community College in Maryland. I prefer defense or outside mid field. However, I am flexible and can serve as a back up keeper if needed. I am extremely open in terms of times and days to play. Request Details
Dave Brown 10-20-13 7v7 11v11 41 Male

Looking for a mens O-40 or co-ed O-30/Open league; 30+ years experience; currently play pick-up on weekends with D1-D5 level players; offense-minded - striker/winger or midfielder; good passing skills; good field vision; team player with ability to finish and assist

Request Details
Emmanuel adame 10-14-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 21 Male

My name is Emmanuel and I play striker I've played -classic 2 U16-U17 (GFC) -classic 1 U18-U19 (GFC) -played all 3yrs for grayson high school

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Caitlin Dingle 10-11-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 26 Female

D1 College Athlete (Kennesaw State and University of GA), dabbled in semi-pro in Australia. Forward.

Request Details
Will Gordon 10-08-13 7v7 11v11 24 Male

6'0" 185lbs. I played 3 years at Eastern Michigan University. I can play Midfiield, Forward, and Left/Right back. Very competitive and looking to play regularly for a team.

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Jose Raul Esquivel 10-07-13 7v7 11v11 18 Male

I am a player like no other I say that pretty literally i might add. I love this sport, this has been what i have been good at for most of my life, I've been practicing and playing soccer for one moment ,and that moment is to show everybody what i can. I just don't want to play soccer to show everyone what i can bring to the field ,but what what i can also bring to the team ,to to myself,Trust me when i say i will not disappoint. You know my father always told when you're good at something. You need to strive to be the BEST at it. That's what i want to do and what better way to start out AS A SILVERBACK

Request Details
Pelumi Bakare 10-03-13 7v7 11v11 23 Male

I am a soccer fanatic, i played High School Varsity soccer and played a couple of intramural games in college. I have continued to play pick up games around and I am looking for a team where I could be a part off. I am a skilled player with good physical abilities and I play at either a right wing or a forward position.

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Ryan McManus 10-02-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Male

I played 15 years of recreational and competitive soccer up until I went to college, where I was very active in the pick-up soccer scene. I graduated in May so I'm back home in Atlanta looking to stay in shape. While I never played on a HS or university team, I would still call myself a fairly skilled player. In more competitive settings I've usually played out wide, but for more casual play I am capable of playing pretty much anywhere (other than GK). My biggest strengths are probably my speed, the power of my long shot, and my unpredictability in attack, but I haven't played in a few months so I might be slightly out of practice.

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Ginger 09-25-13 7v7 11v11 30 Female

I just moved to Atlanta. I've played since I was 5, and I played in college and the same division 1 coed and womens team in Austin (where I just moved from). I'm looking for a competitive coed team during the week, but ideally also a team who is nice and social too :)

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Danielle Parker 09-24-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 20 Female

Just moved to Georgia from Los Angeles. Played club soccer for Arsenal FC. Received a full ride scholar ship to play for D1 washington state. Position is forward. (323) 394-5702

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Meng Xiong 09-19-13 7v7 11v11 24 Male

Hello im looking to play some competitive soccer during the weekend. Played all four years as a varsity for my high school. Im a midfield(winger)/striker. call me at 770-342-9175 if i dont pick up leave me a voicemail or text

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Dimi Ivanov 09-19-13 7v7 11v11 19 Male

This past year I moved to Atlanta from Bulgaria; I am a naturally right footed player and a great play-maker. As such I am decent as an attacking midfielder or a center midfielder. I have been a part of numerous competitions and I am eager to play. Contact me at 4049010845

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Dammy 09-17-13 7v7 11v11 23 Male

Love to play the game. I am a midfielder, but prefer outside mid can play as a striker also. Good with both feet, play 2-3 times a week and you can contact me at 404-984-8874

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Yorick Stoepker 09-14-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 25 Male

Just moved to Atlanta: was playing as left midfielder for a soccer club in the Netherlands. Like to go to training and play matches. You can contact me at 678 620 4551. Regards

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Jon Robinson-Clinkscales 09-12-13 7v7 11v11 19 Male

7 years experience. My main position is forward 4 years Varsity at ELHS made the playoffs twice, won most goals of the year my Junior year. Looking for a competitive team

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Bryce Heltzel 09-12-13 7v7 11v11 22 Male played club all my life 4 years of varsity in high school first team all district won 4 intramural championships at virginia tech i play center back, or anywhere on defense / defensive mid. dependable to show up each week! Request Details
Kiman 09-12-13 7v7 11v11 30 Male

I recently moved to the area and looking to get into a side. I've played for many years on high levels. I play mid-field, attacking mid, or forward. I can play 7v7 as well as 11v11. Trying to get in shape to try out for the silverbacks team.

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Mac White 09-12-13 7v7 11v11 33 Male I have played competitively all through high school, but that has been a while. Since then, I have played top amateur level in DC, and played at silverbacks park for about 5 years. I have been off for about 2-3 years, but have stayed in shape just need to get my touch back. I can play almost anywhere except keeper. I am naturally a defender. Request Details
Rafael Chirinos 09-12-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 39 Male I have been playing soccer since high school. I can play in the mid-field or I can be part of defense. Request Details
Mirza Baig 09-11-13 7v7 11v11 24 Male

New to Atlanta. Played at a semi-professional level for last 6 years.Also played college soccer for 2 years. I can play anywhere in midfield and as a second striker. Tactically aware and a very good reading of the game.Believe in quick passing and pressing game.

Request Details
Raman Tanwar 09-11-13 7v7 11v11 30 Male I just moved to Atlanta. Played for my business school last 2 years and played recreational soccer before that. I would like to play as a midfielder. Request Details
Tiah Spear 09-11-13 7v7 11v11 21 Female Looking to getting back into playing competitive soccer. I played both jv and varsity in high school but I haven't played in a couple of years. I'm willing to play any position except goalie. Request Details
Samuel Osei Agyei 09-09-13 7v7 11v11 17 Male


Request Details
James Freeman 09-08-13 Flag Football 7v7 11v11 23 Male

Hey, I played Varsity football and soccer for 3 years at Spalding High...I play Forward and Right Mid. Looking for a team to play 11v11 but I have no problem playing for a 7v7, just looking forward to playing competitively...Very athletic and quick..looking to spread the field and push the backline.

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Mikhail 09-05-13 7v7 11v11 25 Male

Former college soccer player looking to play in a competitive 11 v 11 environment. I can play anywhere across the midfield, and as a forward. I would prefer to play forward if possible.

Request Details
Drew K 09-04-13 7v7 11v11 26 Male

I played Premier leagues from 11-17, ODP, college ball in New York. Just moved here and looking to play. I play midfield and forward but I can play defense too. Prefer D1 or D2.

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Alberth Jimenez 09-04-13 7v7 11v11 19 Male

I'm from Colombia Been playing football all my life I played for ES Madrid U21, U17 in Trinidad and Tobago Recently moved to the US and looking for a team I can play for I play Striker, Midfield and Winger.

Request Details
Scott 09-04-13 7v7 11v11 30 Male

Played Division II soccer (Quincy University). Play striker mostly but anywhere on the field is fine. Haven't played outdoor in a couple years but played indoor last season before moving down here 6 months ago.

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William Earley 09-04-13 7v7 11v11 19 Male

I played at both high school and club level. I mostly played goalkeeper and I was all conference in that position my senior year in high school. I've dabbled in just about every other position on the field. I'm just a utility player and I'll work in whatever spot you stick me. I played for Highland Futbol Club (HFC) in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Adrienne 09-04-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 29 Female

New to Atlanta and looking for a team to play with. Willing to play any position (although you probably don't want me in goal) - decent player, played at competitive DIII school in college.

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Greg Allison 09-03-13 7v7 11v11 23 Male

Played North East Regional Premiere for the #2 ranked team in New York State, also ranked #38 in the United States. Only played pick up games more recently and would like to start playing competitively again.

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Carlos 09-01-13 7v7 11v11 24 Male

I am looking to get back on the field. I can play best in the back or wing mid. I have played all of my life at various different levels.

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Jeff 08-30-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 36 Male

Looking to play on a team. I have Club and HS experience.

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Peter 08-29-13 7v7 11v11 28 Male

I just moved to Atlanta from Boston and I'm looking to keep playing competitive soccer. I play outside D or MF. I love soccer and have played my whole life, in school, club, and college. For the past several years, I played on a D1 team in a 4 division competitive 11v11 men's league in Boston (BSSL). I look forward to playing!

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Hollis Brown 08-27-13 7v7 11v11 22 Male

I'm in college but i find a way to play everyday. I have played for 10 + years. I like to my left mid. I have to at least get 500 touches on the ball per day. I train to play in game level type atmospheres. I'm a team player and I always give 110%.

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Jacob Schutz 08-26-13 Indoor 11v11 26 Male

Just move to the area from NY. Played competitive D1 indoor and outdoor leages up there since i move there from Midwest. Played a little D1 at UW-Madison for school and Club, and played all through High School as All-State high school, Premier Club, and ODP member. Havent played in few months due to torn Meniscus but im healthy and want to start playing again.

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Demianchuk Sergii 08-25-13 11v11 26 Male Hi my name is Sergii. I came from Ukraine two month ago. My age is 26. Since 6 years old I started play soccer . Played for school team, for university team and before leaving Ukraine I played about 8 years for difference regions team untill now. Also I finished in Ukraine soccer children school. At the moment I live in Acworth, Georgia and looking for a chance to play soccer in USA. I found online about FC Atlanta Silverbacks in Atlanta area. Will hope you give me a chance for appointment, so you can see what can I do. Soccer is my life. P.S. Use to play in position center back Request Details
Solomi Olajide 08-25-13 11v11 23 Male I am new in town, very talented player, can play as an offensive midfielder. Request Details
Zecco Eze 08-22-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Male Just finish playing for my team over at OTS (one touch soccer) and waiting for a new team here with the silverback league. Can play as an stricker or as a midfielder. Request Details
Ricardo Arroyo 08-22-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 27 Male New in town looking for a descent team to play for, i have played soccer almost almost all my life, im from Ecuador born and raised. Request Details
Alvaro Juarez 08-21-13 7v7 11v11 25 Male

I grew up in Los Angeles California, about four years ago I moved to georgia and haven't played soccer in a while and I'm looking around to see we're i can fit. Soccer is my thing I'm 5.10 weight around 157, left footed played defense most of the time, I have a full time job only on the weekdays I'm not in real good shape but I got hearth for the game and last I'm Latino.

Request Details
Justin Tennant 08-20-13 7v7 11v11 26 Male

I grew up playing at United Quest from the age of 4-18. Played on the mid-top level teams, started and played every game in highschool/club and was captain of my club/highschool teams. I still play every Wednesday at Silverbacks in D2 but looking to join an 11v11 team on the weekends. I primarily play an outside back position but open to anything except keeper.

Request Details
Brandon 08-20-13 7v7 11v11 30 Male Looking to join a coed soccer league for this fall. New to the area. Played Div I college soccer. Request Details