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Name Date Posted League Age Gender Comments Contact
Zachary Chinn 05-28-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 31 Male Played for approximately 15 years, couple years in college (Div 3). Usually forward or midfield. Request Details
kharraz mehdi 05-27-15 11v11 20 Male I used to playwith my team stade marocain but i'm free now i quite my team 7 mounths ago because of my exams i'm 1.86 attacker or lw i have good détente and good headers kick and hight speed i hope i can play with a more professionnal team and more professionnal conditions . Request Details
Zac Morton 05-27-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 30 Male Have been playing since I was 4 years old. Played club and High School, Club in College, and continued to play regularly since. Passing, Crossing, and Heading are strengths. Best at a holding/defensive midfielder role or on a wing/outside mid where I can put crosses into the box. Request Details
Pedro Frias 05-26-15 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 26 Male I have been playing for about 15 years. I played select, high school, and some college. I currently exercise 6 days a week so I am in very fit physical condition (5'9 165lbs). I have mainly played striker and attacking midfield (i.e. winger position). Looking to get back into my favorite sport, and wouldn't mind playing some flag football either. I would like to play at a competitive level to constantly challenge me to get better and stay in form. I am looking to play for ADASL in the fall so I look forward to playing strong and staying active with the ball. Request Details
Donavan Smith 05-22-15 11v11 21 Male I am a forward that played at Campbell High School from '09-'12 and i am currently playing at the University of South Carolina-Aiken. I am looking for a competitive team to keep in form over the summer. Please contact me via email or phone phone: 7064615488 Request Details
Stacy H 05-21-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 41 Female Looking for a Co-ed or Women's only team to play on. Weekend nights are preferred due to work travel. I played in high school and college but its been a few years since I have played in a league. Request Details
Tom Trevett 05-21-15 7v7 11v11 43 Male Looking to join adult co-ed recreational league. In good shape, can play any position. Have been playing soccer whole adult life. Request Details
Heath Wood 05-20-15 7v7 11v11 29 Male I'm a huge soccer fan looking to pick up playing recreationally. I haven't played since I was a kid, but I'm in decent shape and willing to play anywhere on the field (including goal). I think I would best fit on a lower division team who can be patient with someone that doesn't have a lot of playing experience but wants to learn. Request Details
Ehjayson Henry 05-19-15 7v7 11v11 22 Male I am looking for a team to play competitively with as I look to remain sharp and enhance my ability and understanding of the game. I play have good speed and control and an dangerous attacker. My positions are Forward (L & R), Midfielder (L & R and sometimes at Center) Past Teams: National Team: St.Kitts and Nevis College D1: Penn State(1 year) and Mercer University (3 years) NPSL: Jacksonville United FC (2 years) I love the game and want to have fun playing! Request Details
Sal 05-18-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 52 Male Just moved to the Doraville area from Memphis TN. Played soccer on 5 continents. Good recreational player looking for a team with team play and spirit. In reasonable shape but hope to get in better shape. Co-ed or men's teams. Request Details
Christian Wright 05-18-15 7v7 11v11 20 Male I mainly play FWD, but I can CM also. I Played high school soccer at Sandy Creek and was a captain my senior year. I currently play DIII soccer at Cornell College in Iowa. I'm looking for somewhere to play this summer in order to keep practicing at a competitive level while I'm home from school. Contact me if you are in need of a player for your team. Request Details
Guillermo Munguia 05-17-15 11v11 18 Male Just graduated from Eagle's Landing High School, played Varsity all 4 years and went to playoffs junior and senior year, I was captain this year and scored 14 goals. I also played at Concord Fire, RYSA, and AFC since i was 10 until now. I have received an offer from La Grange College to go play for their D3 soccer team and am looking to keep my touches clean and play competitive soccer until the season starts. I can play LB,RB,CM,CAM, and Striker, like to keep possession play simple passes. Please consider me for your team Thank You, Guillermo Munguia Request Details
McKinley Blezin 05-16-15 7v7 11v11 22 Male Looking for somewhere to train and stay sharp during off season. I play Divison II soccer and looking to also test my skills. From: West Orange, NJ Played: West Orange High School '06-'10 PASCO Soccer Club '06-'10 Essex County College '11-'14 University of South Carolina Aiken '14-Current Request Details
Pedro Mujica 05-15-15 11v11 40 Male -Played Professional 1st Division in Venezuela w/ LLaneros De Guanare and Carabobo FC. 1994-1997 -Made 3rd cut w/Venezuela Major Team 1995 -Played Amateur !st division w/ Hispano FC and Italian FC from 2000-2005 -Played Illinois Amateur 1st Division w/Deportivo Colomex from 2006-2009 Request Details
Chris Smith 05-15-15 7v7 11v11 37 Male Being playing Co-ed soccer for a few 10+ years now. Looking for something in the evening and weekends if possible. I most always play up top. Request Details
David Locascio 05-15-15 7v7 11v11 23 Male New to the city and want to play some fairly competitive soccer - my teammates should all be very comfortable with basic soccer skills, but I don't want something so competitive/physical that I may get hurt. I also prefer nice/fun teammates to really good ones who are assholes. I have played since age 6, and am very competent and athletic. I primarily play outside mid or defensive mid, and I prefer to hold and distribute and make plays for other players, with the occasional break-away. Request Details
Jordan Michel 05-14-15 7v7 11v11 28 Female I play 11v11 for Gawsa and played coed for silverbacks in the fall. Looking for a new team. Something pretty competitive but doesn't have to be the best level, as long as players are experienced and know how to play the game. Request Details
Andrew 05-12-15 7v7 11v11 16 Male Just looking to have a little fun but i am a pretty skilled player willing to try any position. Request Details
Daniel 05-10-15 7v7 11v11 33 Male I've pretty much played keeper my whole life with what seems like decades of experience. I am looking for anything from an intermediate to semi pro level mens team to play for. I am very reliable, hate to miss a game. Request Details
Cyrus 05-09-15 7v7 11v11 33 Male High school varsity (1st team All-League), College D3 (Cal Club Soccer Team). Can play anywhere. Prefer to keep ball moving and keep possession as a team. Looking for competitive "A" league Men's or Co-ed. Any night of week except Tuesday. Request Details
Bryce N. 05-09-15 7v7 11v11 27 Male Played high school and DIII college soccer. Have played primarily as a forward or wing but will play anywhere but Keeper if needed. Available Monday, Thursday, Friday (anytime after 5) and Sunday (anytime). Request Details
Adam Williams 05-09-15 7v7 11v11 31 Male 5'10" 193 I currently play in the ADASL I have played with the Sting Club for the last 4 seasons. I typically play striker. Played soccer as a kid through high school and then played college football so soccer stopped until I picked it back up these past 4 years. Looking for a team to play on so that I am not playing in only one league a year. Prefer 11v11 but am willing to play 7v7 also. Request Details
Aaron Klansek 05-07-15 11v11 27 Male I grew up playing travel soccer, but stopped to run track in college. Recently moved to ATL from the DC area and looking to join a team. I can be a solid addition at any field position. I typically have played in the midfield, but like I said - I can adjust as needed. Looking forward to hearing back. Thanks. Request Details
Antonio Simeone 05-07-15 11v11 26 Male Semi-professional footballer from England. Out in Atlanta for 7 weeks, so looking for a high standard club to train/play with during their season. I play 4 leagues below the premier league in England. Centre back or holding midfield. I arrive in ATL on the 13th June. Best way to contact me would be email. Any extra information - Thanks Antonio Request Details
Guy R. 05-06-15 7v7 11v11 24 Male Played competitively in high school and college, Willing to play any position except for goalie. Available any day of the week. Currently playing in multiple leagues that are about to end and looking to pick up additional games. Request Details
Martin Franchino 05-06-15 11v11 18 Male Vivo en España y eh jugado en Regionales y en Preferente a un paso de 3ª Division de España. Soy fuerte, Resistente e Inteligente en el futbol. Busco Pruebas de futbol como sea en un equipo. Request Details
Robert B 05-06-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 24 Male Played in high school, IM in college, and currently play on a mens 7v7 outdoor team on Wednesdays. I'm alright with playing just about any position other than keeper. Shoot me an email if you're in need of an extra player/sub for mens or coed! Look forward to hearing from ya! Request Details
Will Schaefer 05-05-15 7v7 11v11 23 Male Wingback/Midfielder/Winger. 6' 0'' , 150 lbs. Played club in college and just finished the Fall 7v7 (4 goals, 3 assists in 6 games). Speed & endurance are my strong suits (4.67 sec 40 yd dash), passing & ball control & confidence are good; defending, shooting and positioning are less so. Not a leader, play my position, and follow instructions. Request Details
Damian 05-01-15 Indoor 11v11 32 Male Played in high school and D3 in college. Recently moved to Atl and was playing regularly in STL. I am a good defender and can play anywhere across the back. Looking for a fairly competitive team to play with on a weekly basis. Request Details
Melvin Bass 04-30-15 11v11 20 Male Have high school, college & Canadian Soccer League experience. ( York Region Shooters) High School MVP Dutchtown High School, Henry County Player of the Year - College Freshman received Golden Boot / Lagrange. Went to Canada from August - November to play with CSL team. Will play any position prefer forward / striker. 404 216-5844 Request Details
Pranav 04-30-15 7v7 11v11 24 Male Looking join a team. I play Defence and Midfield and can adapt depending to the teams need. I played throught high school at either the school or city level and played intermural in college. Request Details
Michael 04-29-15 7v7 11v11 35 Male Sold keeper looking for a team. Plenty of experience. Quick, athletic, & aggressive. Request Details
Hasan Pasha 04-29-15 7v7 11v11 26 Male former D1 college player. midfielder/forward. Just moved back to Atlanta looking for a team to join. Request Details
Jeff K 04-28-15 7v7 11v11 35 Male Coming down to Atlanta for June and July and would like to join a team if possible. I play in two leagues at a relatively high level in NYC (one is 9-a-side, the other 7-a-side). Can play pretty much anywhere through the middle (CB, CM, or up top) depending on the level. Interested in both mens or co-ed. Request Details
Erik Holmberg 04-27-15 7v7 11v11 19 Male I played all through high school varsity and play for my college team at the University of Minnesota. I am looking to play this summer to keep im shape, have some fun and improve. I am a center back and can play multiple other positions. Email me if you have an open spot that you think I can fill. Request Details
Marshett Clarke 04-27-15 7v7 11v11 26 Female D1 college experience. Defender/midfielder. Looking for a team to play on. Request Details
Maria 04-27-15 7v7 11v11 29 Female Ex D1 College player. Have played in D1 and Premier league at Silverbacks. I would like to join a Premier team on Tuesday's. I primarily play midfield/forward. I can also play on Monday nights. Request Details
Kenechukwu Udechukwu 04-26-15 11v11 27 Male I play the positions of : AMC/AMR/AML/CF. I am a skillfully and technically gifted player with an eye for goal. In addition to that, i have great vision and i am mostly known for my killer passes and killer instinct in front of goal. I am very experienced. I have played in so many competitions across Africa and North America. I recently moved to Atlanta and i am in need of a Soccer team to join and play for. I don't want to say much about myself because i will like to be given an opportunity to show what i can do. Request Details
Caitlin Dingle 04-23-15 7v7 11v11 27 Female Looking for a co-ed team to play for. D1 College experience. Forward/Midfielder. Request Details
Gary brooks 04-21-15 7v7 11v11 34 Male Fast, experienced midfielder. D2 college, club adasl, very good ball handler and decision make, love to create opportunities and assists, looking for a competitive team to grow with Request Details
Erich Lohrmann 04-21-15 11v11 23 Male I've played soccer competively since I was 4 in North Carolina. I've played at the Premier level all the way to U18. I've also played Varsity High School and at a D3 College in Wisconsin. I am a fiercely dedicated player that wants to play on one of the higher level teams. I am still an active player. I am going away for the Summer, but I want to join a team for the Fall and Spring of next year. I have played center back most of my life, but I played Striker in College my Junior and Senior year. I will be around for a little less than a month, so if you want me to come out and play to test me a bit let me know. Request Details
Daniel Edwards 04-20-15 11v11 30 Male Have played soccer my entire life, currently play in the 7 v 7 league. I am looking for an 11 a side team. More offensive minded but can play anywhere. Request Details
Daniel Edwards 04-20-15 11v11 30 Male I've played soccer my entire life - currently play in the 7 v 7 league. Would like to find an 11 v 11 team. More offensive minded but can play anywhere. Request Details
Nikki 04-17-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 38 Female Newish to Atlanta. Played club soccer in SoCal until age 18 and won California State Cup twice at U17 and U18. Played competitve coed 2-3 times a week in NYC for 6 years, but quit when I moved to GA 18 months ago. I'm out of shape, but am training for 5-10ks to get my butt in gear. Will work hard to adjust, but it's important that you don't mind that I'm gonna be rusty for a few games. Would prefer women's only but am open to playing coed again, depending on the day of week. Pretty comfortable playing any position but center midfield and goalie. Request Details
Michael Bogachek 04-15-15 7v7 11v11 35 Male Hello, I am a left footed midfielder, but can play any position. Looking for a Thursday or Tuesday team. Currently play on a Wednesday team. Thank you. Request Details
Cam Ilich 04-13-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Male Moved to Atlanta area in early March to work in the Georgia Tech Athletic Dept. Played competitively in Ohio up through college on Xavier Univ's men's club team. Played center mid most of my career but willing to play anywhere. I'm an assist guy, I'll do the work so someone else can have the glory. (614) 563-9198. Thanks! Request Details
Sulaiman Bundu 04-12-15 11v11 24 Male I am A defender i have been playing for Scorpions Fc of California, Los Angeles, besides that i have been playing for my high school in Africa. i am a good and steady defender... All am asking for is a trial to see how good i am. Request Details
Drew Wall 04-11-15 7v7 11v11 24 Male Played on high school team bavk home in islands, Jamaica Dacosta cup, have not had any league experience since then. Just occasional pick up ganes at local park. Request Details
Spencer W, 04-07-15 11v11 22 Male Looking for 11v11 team. I can play Keeper, Fullback, Sweeper. I played in high school and have been getting back into soccer leagues to keep fitness up. I am by no means a small person (6'6'') Request Details
Carlos Collantes 04-03-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 29 Male I grew up playing soccer, but never played on high competition level. I would rather play the low D3-D4 level and co-ed games. I can play any position except goalkeeper. However, I am stronger as a forward. I have a good understanding of the game and can adjust to any team style of play. I love to play, lots of energy, looking for men 7v7 preferably, indoor or outdoor. Request Details
Derek Dill 04-03-15 11v11 28 Male Have been playing soccer for the last 20 years, but as of late just pick up games here and there. I played club soccer all year around in middle and high school, played on the varsity team all 4 years in high school and played on an intramural team sporadically throughout college. I have played midfield or striker throughout my career but am willing to play different positions if needed. Request Details
kenny stvil 04-02-15 11v11 15 Male hello my name is kenny stvil and im a goal keeper looking for clubs and turnaments call me 7707091762 if you need a goal keeper. my dream is to play pro and i am willing to play the best i can. my experince is the i've trained my feshmen year and i played for SSA U-16. thankyou Request Details
Naiim BIAYE 04-02-15 11v11 19 Male Hi,i'm searching for a semi-pro team or maybe a well etablished team. I'm from Senegal in west africa,i'm a midgielder and a left winger. I'm technical and very fast. So if you're interested contact me by mail asap please. Request Details
Ronan Currie 03-31-15 11v11 21 Male Played amateur soccer in Scotland before playing college soccer here in Georgia. Request Details
Brandon Perkins 03-30-15 7v7 11v11 22 Male Looking for extremely competitive play, 5'9 winger with extreme speed and agility. Great team player and loves to score goals and tackle. Available anytime. 4043699621 Request Details
Alex B. 03-30-15 Flag Football 7v7 11v11 28 Male Very easy going, But very competitive. I like to have fun and win! I've played midfield(left wing)/Striker through out 4 years varsity soccer, I got accepted to play at Young Harris due to family I stayed, I've played in division 5, 4, 3 and division 2, but for the past 2 years I've been focus on work, now I have a very flexible schedule and ready to get back into soccer. Also interested in Flag Football, I'm good at wide receiver. Request Details
Muiz Khan 03-30-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 24 Male Played in League 2,3,4 and 5 and the a couple of the co-ed leagues. Coming of a 3 month injury but almost back to a 100% and looking to get back to playing fulltime. Request Details
Gary Thomas Harris 03-30-15 11v11 18 Male Current College Player in the NCAA II freshmen (late decision to not play pro) All state All region All district District MVP District top scorer (21 goals) TN metro player of the year played in Germany at 16 for 4th divison side Viktoria aschaffenburg but opted to not sign pro contract and play college. run a 4.2-40yard trained by Brent Goulet USA national team 87 player of the year trained by and coached by Gaetano Travigilio ex Napoli player Ranked in the top 100 in the USA in 2013. Highly regarded a mid level draft pick to the MLS. German and Portuguese mix. Father played in Germany for Tuspo Obernburg. Regarded one of the best in the south won D1 state 4X in a row under Kenny Heckman for Tennessee soccer club 14. I can play for the Silverbacks professional team, there is proof behind every word and beyond more references with provided contacts for any doubt you may have i am the real deal future professional regardless. Request Details
Brandon Perkins 03-29-15 7v7 11v11 22 Male I’m a futbol fanatic! I’m 5’10 170 lbs. I have great Speed, Agility and Solid Foot work. I play winger, but also Versatile and can play any position besides keeper. I’m looking for competitive play; I have great communication and I’m a team player. Also I’m in excellent shape and I’m available any time. Request Details
Austen C 03-29-15 7v7 11v11 29 Male Recently moved to Atlanta and am looking for a team. Played college and some semi pro indoor and outdoor professional development league. I work as a Strength and conditioning coach so it is safe to say I am in shape. I play defensive mid/defense/wherever you need me. Thank you. Request Details
Victor Pierce 03-27-15 7v7 11v11 21 Male I have played soccer since the Age of 4. I played Class/Select until 18 as well as High School Varsity. I played in college as well. My primary position is Left Back but played Striker for my classic team. I have GREAT speed and agility which is why I was put up top. I am confident in my skills and I help myself out by not letting anyone outrun me. Request Details
Justin griggs 03-26-15 7v7 11v11 25 Male I have played premiere soccer all my life. I moved down here for school and I want to get playing again. I am left footed and I have played throughout high school and college. I played at Virginia tech university acc division I. I like to play center mid or defense. I would like to play in the premiere bracket. Please let me know. Thanks and I look forward to getting back onto the field. Request Details
Trent 03-25-15 7v7 11v11 32 Male I have played competitively since age 6 in the premier/classic divisions in the Georgia Youth Soccer Association. I have played the past two leagues competitively in Silverbacks league through all of the divisons up to D1. I love to play and can play any position on the field; I typically play center-midfield. Looking to play in Mon-Wed or over the weekend. Request Details
Robby Thayer 03-23-15 Flag Football 7v7 11v11 30 Male I have played football since I was 12. Played Quarterback in Highschool and College. Looking to play in a competitive league. I will play where ever is needed but would prefer to play QB. I am left handed and am 6'1 220. Request Details
Derrick Stacey 03-18-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 28 Male I can play anywhere across the front line or in the midfield. I have most recently played as a striker and have been at the top of the scoring charts at the end of each season. Request Details
Maria M 03-17-15 7v7 11v11 29 Female Ex- D1 college player. Looking to play on Mondays or Tuesday nights on a Premier team. Been playing in D1 but would like to play at a higher level. Let me know if you need someone to fill in for the games, as I know the leagues have already started. Request Details
Aaron Varnado 03-16-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Male Been playing since I was a kid, played club and high school. didn't play competitive in college, just intramurals, pick up etc. recently moved to gwinnett county and I'm looking to find a team. I can play keeper but I am not really interested in doing it full time. Text/call 706.248.4488 Request Details
Jim Tobin 03-13-15 7v7 11v11 53 Male Don't let my age discourage you from adding me to your team! Moved here last year from Philly. I play ice hockey with 20-year olds and am usually the fastest guy on the ice so I'm in very good shape. I've coached travel soccer, and played varsity high school soccer as my league's leading scorer. In college, I switched to rugby and played fly-half. I have good individual skills but my best contributions are fitting in with a team's flow where my coaching experience really helps. I could play all positions except goalie but am best used as a midfielder or striker. Request Details
Katie R 03-13-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 31 Female Relocating to Atlanta at the end of March and looking for a rec soccer team - I played growing up and having been playing for several years in rec leagues in San Francisco. Prefer 7v7 but I'd consider full field or indoor as well. Request Details
C. Delva 03-12-15 11v11 17 Male right footed player. I am able to play defense and offensive positions, i typically play right back or left back or central midfielder or right or left mid. I defend first attack second. I am able to jump high enough for headers. I am a scrappy player, but can maintain composure when it comes to attack. I am a player that will give 100%effort into every game and practice.i am also able to power free kicks.i have played with a team at the silverbacks, and we have reached the finals and semifinals in the two years i have been on the team. Request Details
Samuel Roth 03-12-15 7v7 11v11 21 Male 6'3" 175 lb Athletic & in shape college student living in Downtown Atlanta. I was raised in a very athletic family whose main focus was soccer. I was starting varsity throughout all of high school. I prefer to play defense on the sides. I really want to get in to soccer this summer since I haven't been able to do much aside from brief college intramurals. Request Details
Raphael Alves 03-11-15 11v11 24 Male Hello im Brazilian , i have played in many countrys, nigeria,elsalvador,poland Brazil and now im in sweden, im stricker or miedfielder, verygood left power shoot.. i have played always professional, sience 17 years old , so i have much experience to adapt in all countrys and to play... Im in sweden now, so if need or give me a chance to go , im here. Request Details
Tyler Edema 03-09-15 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 25 Male I've played indoor every year since getting out of college and have played football my whole life. Looking to play either and have the equipment for both. I'd say I'm in pretty good shape. Fast, strong. Can play wherever you need me. Interested in men's league or co-ed. New to the area, just moved from Michigan at the beginning of March. You can reach me ay 6163281167. Request Details
Katie Thomas 03-07-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 30 Female I'm looking for a coed team to play on - indoor or outdoor. Competitive or recreation would be okay. I'm reliable, having been playing since I was 5, and love soccer. I moved to the Atlanta area a year ago and was playing in Cobb County, but I recently moved to midtown and am looking to play closer to where I live now. I was living in Albuquerque previously where I regularly played 3-4 games a week. Request Details
Andrew 03-06-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 27 Male College player and Air Force Base team. Just moved here and looking for a good team to link up with. Been playing on competitive teams I was 8. Would be a great asset to any team. Request Details
Michael Bogachek 03-03-15 7v7 11v11 35 Male Left footed player. Used to playing mid. Looking for a team to play on Thursdays or Tuesdays (over 30) Request Details
John 03-02-15 7v7 11v11 24 Male Good attacking player, played in college. Good up front or on either wings. Request Details
alex 03-02-15 7v7 11v11 25 Male Been playing for a while. I play center back or striker. Played 11v11 at silverbacks as well as 7v7 took some time off now im ready to start playing again. Can be a good asset to any team! Request Details
Alexei 02-27-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 33 Male I've been playing soccer since I was a kid and love the game. Played pretty steadily throughout college and most recently in the mens D1 league at Silverbacks. Can play midfield or attacker. Looking for a competitive team in either co-ed or mens. Pretty much available to play any day of the week. Request Details
Carlos R Galindo 02-26-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 24 Male I have played all my life I can play goalkeeper or other positions if needed I played for the Florida State University Club and Varsity back in Colombia I am really dependable and competitive Request Details
Tosin 02-26-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 33 Male I am looking for weekly men's or co ed league. i prefer playing forward but can also play mid field. Request Details
Carlos R. Galindo 02-25-15 7v7 11v11 24 Male I have played Futbol/soccer all my life. I am a former Goalkeeper from the Florida State University Soccer Club. I can also play In other positions. I moved to Atlanta and I am really interested in playing on a regular basis. I am also competitive and dependable. Request Details
Teddy Fully 02-23-15 11v11 24 Male played four years of NAIA college soccer, moving to atl in may and looking for a team to play with. Im a Liberian-American with speed Request Details
Jeremy Wright 02-23-15 11v11 20 Male Request Details
Youssouf K. 02-17-15 7v7 11v11 19 Male I have been playing soccer since i was a kid. I love the game. I can play any position. My role model is Ronaldinho. I aim to play like him every time i'm on the fields. Request Details
R10 02-12-15 7v7 11v11 19 Male I've been playing the beautiful game since before I could walk. My role model is Ronaldinho. I aim to play like him every time a ball touches my feet. Request Details
R10 02-12-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 19 Male I've been playing since before I could walk. I love the beautiful game. My role model is Ronaldinho, I aim to play like him. Request Details
Rayquan Swan 02-11-15 7v7 11v11 18 Male Hello names Rayquan Swan Love the game i am from the islands and moved to america i just look for a opportunity to play out here i been playing for 15 years also played on multiple all star team Request Details
Rayquan Swan 02-11-15 7v7 11v11 18 Male Hey name is Rayquan Swan from the island of Bermuda moved to the u.s.a... I have been playing on all types of teams School, Allstars, and national youth team, i got 15 years of playing time and will love to play again in the U.S im just looking for a team Request Details
Danny 02-11-15 7v7 11v11 22 Male Played soccer since I was 9. I like team play. I playing wing or forward. I'm 5'8 155 lb. Request Details
Rayquan Swan 02-10-15 7v7 11v11 18 Male Hey! Im 18 from the islands of Bermuda i love to play this sport. Im chilled to hang out with but competitive i take this sport very serious and looking for my opportunity to prove myself i also want to go pro but trying to take my small little steps to get there.. I hope you pick me for your team and i have played 15 years ready to destroy the competition.. And im very skilled i need a good team to improve me. Request Details
Lionel 02-09-15 11v11 25 Male I am lionel, I play offensive midfield role but most often my former coaches push me to wings due to my good dribbling skills.i am known for my ability to give good decisive passes to strikers.i just relocated to US from Cameroon where I used to play with Mt Cameroon football academy a 2nd division team and I wish to pursue my football dreams here in US where I believe there is a whole lot of great players and positive phone is 404 771 1602 Request Details
Julia Edwards 02-08-15 11v11 51 Female I am a female who has been playing on ga was team for over 10 years. I played last season on a team in stone mountain but team not playing this season, so I am looking for either a coed team or a women's team to play on a weekend day. I normally play forward or midfield and I just love the game . Request Details
Kevin Gonzalez 02-06-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 28 Male Hi, My name is Kevin and I have been playing soccer since I can remember. Born in Colombia, I started playing soccer since I was a kid. I played soccer thru ought high school as well as in college. Moved to Atlanta about 5 years ago. I used play in the Cobb League but 2 years ago I injured by back and had to stop. Trying to get back to start playing but I have to admit that my endurance is currently low but with play time, it will improve quickly. I usually play full back since I can use both legs but with my endurance being low, center back would be great to start. I am 5'11, weight about 170 and I am very eager to start playing again. I have a very flexible schedule. Request Details
Jordan Hargrove 02-03-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 24 Male Played for Rec League in Auburn all 4 years and in Huntsville, AL for 3 years in the HASL Adult League. Experience in Midfield and Attacking positions! Request Details
Gabriele Columbro 02-02-15 Indoor 7v7 11v11 33 Male Ciao! I come from Rome, Italy and I have relocated to the ATL about a year ago, I have been playing since I was a kid. Since I moved here, I have played in some 11v11 or 7v7 amateur leagues and had to stop for a couple of months of traveling and I was also not really amused with the level of play / engagement. I can play center offensive mid, defensive mid or striker but depending on the formation I can cover additional roles. I'd really look forward to joining a team, get competitive again and mix the European vision of the game with the boasting athletic capabilities of people here in the US! Thanks in advance for the consideration! Request Details
Jasdeep Garcha 01-29-15 7v7 11v11 27 Male * Competitive youth soccer in North Carolina * Duke Club Soccer (2006 - 2009) * Microsoft Corporate Team (2010 - 2012) - Seattle Sounders Corporate Cup Champions x 2 - Portland Timbers Corporate Cup Golden Glove Looking for a competitive team and a fun group of people. New to the city ... just moved from the West Coast. Pretty much play all over the field, but trained and played as a GK. [reposting from the fall -- ran into other commitments] Request Details
Jordan Hargrove 01-28-15 11v11 24 Male Played in Auburn University's REC leagues all 4 years. Played in Huntsville, Alabama's HASL League for 3 and 2 years of Indoor. Adept at all attacking positions. Request Details
Bryan 01-28-15 11v11 23 Male I am a fit natural left footed player looking to join the 11 v 11 scene in Atlanta. I am a left or center back with over 18 years of experience. I have played at a high level for the past 6 years and have been to 3 national championship tournaments in college. I am looking to play for a high quality team that is looking for a solid defender to structure their back line. please contact me via email if you are interested. Thanks Bryan Request Details
Bilal A. Ibrahim 01-26-15 7v7 11v11 22 Male Versatile midfielder. Most adept in the center. I enjoy passing the ball. Request Details