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Thomas 07-19-14 11v11 24 Male my name is tom I'm looking for a team i just moved to Atlanta... i have played for 14 year's i played for rec when i was 3.... when i was 8 i got picked to play on a traveling team.... then played rec in the summers and played all through school ,,, i can play any position on the pitch but gk i work hard every sec football is my life been my life i live and bleed this sport if interested please call 678-705-9689 looking forward to a call Request Details
Bryan 07-19-14 11v11 27 Male I've played soccer all my life, and almost the entire time was as a goal keeper. 10 years of which were on a club team which progressed from premier C to classic II. Since high school, I've played off and on in rec leagues in college. Indoor and out. Looking for competitive play, but not super serious (that is: not looking to make a career, just looking to have fun and I enjoy competition more than "just for fun"). Request Details
Brittany 07-18-14 7v7 11v11 23 Female I've played soccer all my life; competitively in high school on several clubs around GA and intramural in college at UGA. I generally play midfield or forward. Looking for a Monday coed team, preferably D1, D2 or D3. Was playing Silverbacks a few months ago but took a break, looking to get back into it. Request Details