Indoor Soccer Leagues

Adult Soccer Leagues

Suwanee Indoor offers well organized and competitive soccer leagues for all ages and abilities at our Suwanee facility. League play continues throughout the year. Teams play at least eight games during each season. Game nights for your team will typically be the same each week; however, there are instances when we must schedule your game on a different day. Game times will vary from week to week. Cost is $80 per person.

Men, women, and co-ed teams are assigned to leagues based on their skill level and desired level of competition. Adult skill levels are designated as follows:

D1-level teams are the highest level and are very competitive. These teams often have individuals with college or professional soccer playing experience.
D2-level teams are moderately competitive. D2-level players have typically played in high school and continued playing recreationally.
D3-level teams are recreational. D3-level players are beginners or those with some soccer playing experience.
D4-level teams are recreational. D4-level players are beginners or those with little or no soccer playing experience.

Coed Beginners is also available to adults who are new to the sport of soccer, want to learn how to play and have a great time doing so.

League Information:

  • 7 Regular Season Games
  • Post season tournament
  • Age 16 and above
  • All players must complete our online player profile
  • Field of Play: 6 v 6
  • Up to 14 players on the Roster, everyone must be a member to play
  • Regular Games: 2 - 23 minute halves (1 min half time)
  • Playoff Games: 2 - 18 minute halves (1 min half time)

Required Equipment for all Players

  • Regulation shin guards are mandatory and must be totally covered by socks
  • A player's footwear must conform to the following standards: rubber flat-soled shoes or other footwear designed for artificial surfaces must be worn. No footwear with less than 30 molded mini-studs shall be permitted. NO CLEATS!
  • Players must have matching colored shirts or jerseys
  • Goalkeepers must wear colors that distinguish them from all other players and referee.


Michael Parker (678) 436-8075