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Name Date Posted League Age Gender Comments Contact
David Charlton 10-22-14 7v7 11v11 29 Male - Played in various youth soccer programs for 7 years in Germany (center midfield for 7 years) - Played 4 years of high school soccer in the US (center midfield for 3 years and striker for 1 year) - Played the past year in the 11v11 coed summer and fall 2014 leagues in Roswell, GA (Position varied based on need, mostly striker) Request Details
Jordan Tannenbaum 10-21-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Male Played all my life and can play out wide or in the middle. Speedy with vision at 6'1. Always looking to make the extra pass and work hard to track back on defense. Would love to play with anyone looking to add some more numbers. Request Details
junior kiaku 10-17-14 7v7 11v11 20 years old Male I've been playing soccer since 5 years old and currently i play in each week on monday and Wednesday 7v7 team. I like to play 11v11. I play center back, i'm 6'6" and 180 lbs. Request Details
Nate Trower 10-16-14 7v7 11v11 26 Male AVAILABLE THURS-SATURDAY (prefer Saturday team) Been playing soccer consistently for 8 years; played college intramural at Georgia. Three years experience playing at Silverbacks D2-D5. Play anything but goal. 6'1.5'' 190 Run a 4.7 40yd dash In good shape. Run ~15 miles per week I'm looking to play at least 20 min/40 per game. Request Details
Dave 10-15-14 7v7 11v11 42 Male Looking for O-30 or O-40 men's or co-ed. Pay on time Player. Striker/Winger with 35+ years playing experience. Goal scorer with assist abilities Good ball placement, passing, field vision and soccer IQ. Lack some footwork and speed but proportionate with age. Looking for 11v11 or 7v7 ANY NIGHT/WEEKEND DAY Looking for seasonal or longer term team Request Details
Lenny Albino 10-15-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 24 Male I'm Lenny from Hamburg, Germany. I played soccer in a club since I was 7 years old. Played in the highest regiona youth and adultl amateur league in Northern Germany which can be compared to NCAA Division I level. I'll be in Atlanta for the next 5 months doing an internship and I'm absolutely keen on playing soccer here. I used to play striker or playmaker (10) but I can also do defense midfield (6 or 8..). Anyways, i do't really care about the position but I just wanna have fun. I'd be very happy to join a team here, so let me know if you are interested! Thanks! Request Details
Thiago Santos 10-15-14 7v7 11v11 24 Male Played soccer my whole life, just love the game. My last competitive team was in college one year ago. My team was in the top 15 nationally (NAIA). I'm a light and fast player, left-footed, and can play anywhere on the left-side. From midfield to left wing. Precise passes and very good positioning are my strength. I'm not in my best fit, but I can easily get back to the same level I was a year ago after a couple of games. Request Details
Justin adams 10-11-14 7v7 42 Male Looking for thurs night over 30. Just finished seventh season at wolfs indoor. Played five seasons atlanta fire united d2. Thanks Request Details
Dave 10-10-14 7v7 11v11 42 Male Pay on time Player. Striker/Winger with 35+ years playing experience. Goal scorer with assist abilities Good ball placement, passing, field vision and soccer IQ. Looking for 11v11 or 7v7 ANY NIGHT/WEEKEND DAY Looking for seasonal or longer term team Request Details
Austin Behl 10-10-14 7v7 11v11 30 Male As a certified fitness pro, I practice what I preach. I am fit and mentally focused. As a former Atlanta Catholic Sport soccer league champion, I utilize good tactics and play with integrity. I can play any position but excel as a forward because I convert opportunities into goals. I love the game and look forward to joining a Silverback team. Request Details
Anthony 10-09-14 7v7 23 Male Have been playing Rec football since I was 12. I can play anywhere except keeper. Right Footed, but can use my left when needed. Prefer: Striker, Right Mid, Right Back. I play once a week now and can run 5.5 miles in an hour. I am fast and have an eye for goal, but I love to give assists. Can take corner kicks and free kicks. Team work/passing is important to my game. I do not like 1 person teams where everyone gets the ball and just tries to dribble towards the goal. *Available: weekdays after 5:00pm, and any time on the weekend* Request Details
luis 10-07-14 7v7 11v11 20 Male I played soccer in highschool and different teams , I play forward and I love to score goal , team work is my motto. Im free sundays and mondays Request Details
Dan Sol 10-07-14 7v7 28 Male just want to play wednesday nights or thursday i play any position Request Details
Anish Eapen 10-06-14 7v7 33 Male Love soccer! Played in the lower divisions at Silverbacks park for a few seasons, and played recreationally earlier. I can definitely improve (and I am looking to do so with practice) but I am not terrible :) Intelligent footballer with good positioning, vision, passing, and work ethic. Best suited to anywhere in midfield or fullback. Cannot play keeper. Looking to play with a group of people who enjoy the game, want to do well, get better, and have fun! Request Details
Shay 10-06-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 25 Female Played athena soccer/4 year high school varsity/two year D2 collegiate athlete. Typically play outside mid but can fill in wherever someone is needed (however, you don't want to try me out as a keeper). :) Hope to join a team soon! Open availability. Request Details
Alex 10-05-14 7v7 39 Male Looking to play on a competitive team that loves to pass the ball. Played ODP (State team) and on club state champion team (Region III Finals). Prefer to play midfield, but can play anywhere on the field. Request Details
Marlaina Maddux 10-05-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Female I've played soccer for 14 years. Competitive club soccer most of that time, but coed recreational for the past five years. I grew up playing defense but have played mid/forward since I started playing coed. Request Details
Andreu Harris 10-01-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 25 Male Can play Midfield/Forward. 3 year varsity starter at Duluth. 2 years college starter at Wingate (NC). Request Details
Kelsey Runyan 10-01-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Female I played sports all my life! I played about 5 different intramural sports in college and miss the game. I may be small, but I am feisty and very competitive! Hit me up if you need to add another great team player to the roster. Request Details
Clyde Fitzroy Lawrence 09-30-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Male I am a disciplined, no nonsense defender, but versatile player, with an eagerness to play the game to the end and professional as possible. I value the game and practice needed to get the job done and always interested in improving and learning skills in the game.With sprinting experience (100m and 200m), I do possess pace and desire all tunneled with peripheral vision I am opened to joining any team which would require my services and I will put my best foot forward to improving the team however possible within my abilities. I can be contacted at your convenience through the number: 678-386-2688 and email at the bottom. I will be happy to meet with any team or club interested. Blessings. Request Details
Chernor Jalloh 09-29-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 25 Male I love to play soccer..mostly played center Forward my whole life. I just moved to Atlanta..looking to play and have fun. Can Reach me at 347 445 3161 Request Details
Orlando Lewis 09-28-14 7v7 11v11 23 Male 6'1 167lbs 4.4 40yd dash Im pretty new to the sport I've been playing for a few months I'm looking to gain more experience and playing time to sharpen my skills. I've played american football my whole life as well as in college I'm ready to make the transition over to soccer. Im available for all positions. Wanting to play ASAP Request Details
Galvin Shamburger 09-28-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 27 Male 6'4 220 WR/QB/DEFENSE, Played 1 year college football in Minnesota and 3 more playing basketball, athlete and competitor. Request Details
Alexander Sheikh 09-27-14 7v7 29 Male Division I College Soccer (Western Kentucky University) USL - Nashville Metros Request Details
Sam 09-26-14 Flag Football 7v7 11v11 34 Male WR 6' 3", 200 lbs, 4.53 - 40 yard dash time Request Details
Savannah 09-25-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Female I've played soccer for forever but it has been awhile. I have been running on my own so I'm in shape though! I'm available to play on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights. Request Details
Max Richards 09-24-14 7v7 23 Male I've played soccer all my life. I played competitively throughout high school and then played some intramural through college. I mostly play mid-field or forward, but would play defense if needed. I'm looking to play in any division D3 - D7. I am available all nights of the week. Request Details
Rebecca & Matt Williams 09-24-14 7v7 25 Female Husband and I are looking for a team to play on. I played for Duke in college and husband played for MTSU. Request Details
Bill Keller 09-24-14 7v7 31 Male Looking for Men's Open 7v7 team D1, D2, or D3; preferably one that plays Monday nights. I played soccer in high school and I played in this league a few years ago in D1 and Premier leagues. I'm a tall defender. Request Details
lucien luntadila 09-24-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 34 Female Soccer is my passion! I'm looking for a club or team to play in. I want to further my career to a pro tea professional team. Playing with a team will add the missing ingredient to my training. I can play pretty much play all position in the team, but for a forward was what I've played. Request Details
KevinH 09-22-14 7v7 11v11 23 Male Played growing up and at Georgia Tech for intramurals. Request Details
Marco Lopez 09-22-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 16 Male I am an attacking player. I usually play on the wing or behind the striker. I mainly play with using pace, dribbling and a lot of passing. I always play soccer everyday so I'm perfectly good to play at any time. I can also play at any age group. Request Details
obinna 09-22-14 7v7 11v11 23 Male Hello , am Obinna jude , I am 23 years old, I'm looking for an agent & now team to paly for me, I am football player, playing am striker with years experience in football, contatti me email Request Details
Brian 09-20-14 7v7 33 Male Right footed. I play 1-2 times a week on a 5 a side turf field and in an 11x11 pickup game on grass. The guys I play with are Division 1-2 but I'm looking to start off in a little bit lower division. I'm interested in either Coed or over 30 7 v 7. Request Details
Armando Peralta 09-18-14 Indoor 7v7 35 Female I've played soccer in middle school, high school and adult leagues, I don't mind playing any position except goalie. I can play any day of the week after 7pm Request Details
Leroy Kester 09-18-14 7v7 26 Male Played at tge Silverback stadium summer 2012. Consistently play pick up soccer twice a week. My preferred position is forward. I am a right-footed player. Looking to play anytime soone. Request Details
Juan 09-18-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 36 Male I've been playing goalkeeper and defender since elementary school Request Details
Nathaniel Latoni 09-18-14 7v7 30 Male Looking for a team my friend and I can join for the fall season. Both of us are able to play any position other than keeper and played soccer during college. We've been a part of adult leagues in San Antonio and Boston and are looking to continue playing here in Atlanta. Available for play Tuesdays. Contact me for more information! Request Details
Mike 08-15-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 26 Male Recently moved to Atlanta and I am looking to join a team. I am looking for any team, competitive or non. I played in high school and at a Community College in Maryland. I prefer defense or outside mid field. However, I am flexible and can serve as a back up keeper if needed. I am extremely open in terms of times and days to play. Request Details
Dave Rohm 09-18-14 7v7 45 Male Looking for a Monday night 40+ team. I'm in shape and can play offense or defense reasonably well. Request Details
Jake 09-17-14 7v7 27 Male Looking to get on a coed or mens team preferred D1 or premier but will play D2 if there's a spot.. I played Division 1 college and have currently been playing in lower level leagues but i need to get back up into more competitive levels. Please help. Thanks Request Details
Megan 09-17-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Female Looking to join a semi-competitive team. I played all competitively throughout high school and IM in college. I typically played midfield and forward. Request Details
Marco 09-16-14 7v7 18 Male Right defense or wing, looking for a low.middle division, Mon/Tues/Wed/Saturday, playing for 4 years! Request Details
Bill Keller 09-16-14 7v7 31 Male Looking for 7v7 team that plays on Monday nights. I played soccer in high school and I played in this league a few years ago in D1 and Premier leagues but I'm better suited for D1 or D2 team. I'm a 6'-3", 205 lb defender. Request Details
Deep Patel 09-13-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 21 Male Defense/defensive mid. Played high school soccer and recreational at UGA. Trying to find a team to continue playing. Request Details
Jen Wardyga 09-13-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Female Looking to play on a competitive co-ed or female-only team. I recently moved to the Atlanta area after playing on a nationally ranked D3 team all four years of undergrad. I miss the game and want to get back into it! I play in all areas of the midfield as well as forward. I generally stay in pretty good soccer shape and am ready to play! Request Details
Allen Lo 09-10-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 32 Male Looking to start a team or to get picked up. Prefer 11 v 11. Played from 6 to Collegiate (GaTech), took a break but now looking to get back. I play Forward and Mid. Being Asian, I have Bruce Lee-like quickness, and ninja reflexes. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks! Request Details
John Frazier 09-10-14 7v7 11v11 37 Male Keeper - played on under 30 team 7v7 Div2 past couple of years. Looking for a new team. Not your average style keeper, but I hold my own. Played high school ball at Glynn Academy Played college ball at LaGrange College Request Details
Warren Fondu 09-10-14 7v7 11v11 38 Male Half-back / Utility player looking to get back into an adult league after a year off to participate in swim, bike, run events. I played In Cobb County (CASL) for a few years but cannot commit to the distance anymore. Request Details
Peter Emmet 09-07-14 7v7 29 Male Transplant from Boston, looking to find a good men's team to play weekday evenings, preferably Tuesday. Played soccer my whole life, including high school, club and 4 years of college, plus the last several years on a D1 men's league team in Boston. Can play anywhere on the field, and hope to get out there this fall. Request Details
Goalkeeper needed 09-06-14 7v7 Open Male Keeper plays free. Monday Men's Open 7v7 D3 team. Undefeated. 6 games remaining this season. Team will continue next season. We play tough D, control the ball, and score a lot of goals. Looking for a quality keeper to round out our team and help us move up in league level. Request Details
Joe 09-06-14 7v7 11v11 23 Male English, looking to play as much as I can before I go home in November. Midfield/Striker. Played Semi-Pro in England and was a college 1st team player for 3 years. Pirlo-esq.... Request Details
Joe Holder 09-06-14 7v7 11v11 23 Male British, here till November looking to play as much as possible. Midfield/Striker. Played Semi-Pro in the UK. College 1st team player for 3 years. Pirlo-esq. Request Details
Tim Kuk 09-06-14 7v7 11v11 24 Male I am looking for a team that plays in a 7 v 7 Mon/Tuesday league or 11 v 11 league. I like to play Center mid, Defensive mid or attacking mid but any where the team needs to be honest. Have played soccer since I was kid. Played 4 yr varsity in high school, club and intramural in college. Just graduated from Emory and started work here at ATL. Pick me up on your team! Request Details
Garrick 09-04-14 7v7 30 Male I played soccer when I was younger, and I'm looking to get back into to stay in shape and have fun! Working as part of a team is what I really want to get back into since leaving team sports and the military. Request Details
Shira 09-03-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Female My roommate and I (both female) are looking to join a recreational club soccer team. We both played casually for Emory's club team and would like to keep up our fitness levels. I typically play right/left fullback and my roommate plays both right/left fullback and right/left mid. Please contact me if you need two more players! Request Details
James Swanke 09-02-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Male Just moved to Atlanta and looking to keep playing soccer on either a competitive or recreational squad. I like to play defense specifically a stopper position. I've played college IM's at UW for the past four years on top of playing varsity soccer and club soccer during high school. I'm open to come off the bench and am available most nights of the week. Request Details
Michael H 09-01-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 26 Male FREE BEER!!!! Now that I have your attention. I am looking for a soccer or flag football team to join. I am a former college soccer player who can play anywhere and is a solid backup goal keeper. I just moved to Atlanta and am looking to get playing again. Request Details
Aris Briggs 09-01-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 17 Male Last 2 years played DA ball. Last month spent in Germany playing for a u19 & 21 3rd division team. Going back in January & looking to stay fit & sharp. Can play anywhere. 6'4" & 185 lbs. Request Details
maria mcbryde 09-01-14 7v7 11v11 29 Female Played Division 1 college soccer. Have be playing in adult competitive leagues in Florida for a few years both women and co_ed. I just moved to the Atlanta area 3 weeks ago. I would love to play in a competitive environment women or co-ed. I'm in pretty good soccer shape. I play midfield or forward. Request Details
Aris Briggs 08-31-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 17 Male I played 1 year for Concorde Academy U16's & 1 year for the Concorde Academy U18's last season. I have a contract for a 3rd division team in Germany beginning in January playing as a striker. I'm 6'3" & 185 lbs. I need a team to play with to stay sharp for when I go back to Germany. Request Details
Katelyn 08-29-14 7v7 22 Female Looking to get back into playing more consistently. I've been playing for almost 17 years now. Played for high-level club teams, including Region III Premier League as well as high school soccer. Played D1 and I am currently coaching academy level at my local soccer club. Request Details
Carrilea Potter 08-28-14 7v7 26 Female I'm looking for a Mon or Tue night coed team to play with. I played DII college soccer. Usually play forward or mid Request Details
KD 08-27-14 7v7 38 Male Been playing at Silverback Park for 8 years now. Mostly play Center Forward. 6'00" so I can provide hold up play against any defenders. Won't forget my defensive responsibilities. Can play keeper in a pinch. I play on Thursday nights now, so looking for a team on Monday or Tuesday. Over 40, coed preferably but open is fine as well. Request Details
Muiz Khan 08-27-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Male Recently moved to Atlanta and looking to play in a competitive league. Played varsity throughout high school and club soccer all 4 years of college as well as the Greenville PL and Adult League. I like to play on the left wing, preferably on the attack but can also play wing back or left back. Although pacey, I'm more of an engine and prefer making deep runs all day long. I'm really looking forward to coming to a few practice sessions and getting to play the beautiful game again. Request Details
NICOLAS BAUDRY 08-27-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 29 Male Played soccer all my life in France in a good level (soccer-School and different division in the French league (CFA, CFA 2 and DH)) and I play for 3 years now in the US. Last season, I played for Jersey City FC and I am looking for a team in Atlanta sinc I moved there for work. I have a CF position formation but I can play CMF everywhere on the field. Request Details
Carrilea Potter 08-27-14 7v7 26 Female I played DII college soccer. I usually play forward or mid. Request Details
Kevin 08-26-14 7v7 11v11 23 Male Played growing up and then was unable to continue due to year-round baseball. Played Intramural Soccer all four years at Georgia Tech. Request Details
Tony 08-26-14 7v7 11v11 24 Male Currently playing D1 7v7 Mondays. I usually play defense or mid. Want to join another team preferably on a different day. Request Details
Jaime Mund 08-25-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 25 Female I played soccer and ran track all through high school and chose not to play in college. I did continue to play indoor and outdoor in local leagues both on women's teams and co-ed. I just moved to the area with my boyfriend last month and we are preferably looking for a co-ed team to join together. We are both fast, strong players. Please contact me for any openings. Thanks! Request Details
Graham 08-25-14 7v7 42 Male Looking to join Mon O40 men's team (preferred) or Tue Co-Ed (up to D2). Can play any position incl. GK (though I prefer to offer that as a back up rather play in goal all the time). Request Details
Rob 08-21-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Male Played soccer throughout high school and was on multiple intramural teams at UGA. I typically play mid or defense, but I can play wherever. I have a pretty flexible schedule and I'd love to get back on the field if you're team is in need of an extra. Request Details
Alex Millour 08-20-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Male Just moved from Tampa, Fl. Looking for competitive play at a high level. Working towards a career in the sport and need consistent play. I played for a Semi-Pro team in Tampa, went to Orlando City tryouts in February and did decent but wasn't fit enough but I have worked on fitness since then and have made leaps. Played in youth developmental leagues in France when I was a child. I can play anywhere but I am attack minded and prefer playing on the wing because I have pace and good strength on the ball. 5'11/170 lbs, I love playing quick pass and go football and I prefer to assist than to score. Request Details
Michael Faulkner 08-20-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 20 Male 2 Years in highschool plus pick up whenever wherever for years. I have pretty decent touch and vision. There isn't really any one area I excel in or have a major weakness at, other than fitness at the moment. I also have above average speed, and a perfect frame for goalkeeping if needed. Request Details
Marco Lopez 08-20-14 7v7 11v11 15 Male I'm a natural striker/winger, I could even play attacking midfielder. I'm nearly turning 16 next months so I'm trying to play professional at a early age. I may not have much club experience but I been playing very young, and I'm always going to give it all I got. Request Details
Juan 08-19-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 29 Male Interested in getting back out there and play some footy. Last I played was about 3 yrs ago. Have played rec and pick up all my life. I played a couple of seasons at the Silverbacks' indoor and I also played a handful at Silverbacks' park. I think D3, D4 and coed would be ideal. I feel more comfortable in midfield, but I'll play anywhere. I'm looking to play multiple days a week, so I can get back into shape quicker. Hope to hear from teams soon! Request Details
Dave Rohm 08-18-14 7v7 11v11 45 Male Looking for a league that plays on the good field in the stadium. I've heard that the Monday 40+ league plays there. If you need a player, please contact me. I have a couple of years experience. Can play any position except keeper. 195 lbs, 6'0'' . My endurance is pretty good, but don't have much 'sprint' left in me! Request Details
Arturo Hernandez 08-18-14 7v7 40 Looking to join an over 30 team. Can play Defense or mid field. Request Details
Joe Bell 08-18-14 7v7 11v11 25 Male I recently moved from Philly and looking to join a competitive team. I played soccer all 4 years of high school and club all college at Temple University. Request Details
Jason 08-16-14 7v7 11v11 32 Male Striker/winger I'm very pacey and strong in the air. 6'1', 184lbs, natural athlete, extremely fit. I've been playing soccer all my life. I just moved to Atlanta from Savannah, GA. Played Varsity soccer freshman to senior year. Played college club. After college, I played in the La Liga de Futbol de Savannah (Savannah Football League) in Savannah, GA. I've played 3 seasons (fall, spring, and sumemr) over a 5 year span. My 11-aside were one time finalists (fall 2013), 2-time semifinalists. I was the captain and coach of my 11-aside. My coed team won one title, 4-time runners up, and frequent semifinalists. I look forward to coming to few teams' training sessions. Request Details
Jason Akpolo 08-16-14 7v7 11v11 32 Male Extemely fit. Workout everyday. Natural athlete. 6'1. 184lbs Striker/winger Been playing soccer on my life. Played varsity and intramural college. After college continuted playing for adult leagues. Just spent the last 4 years playing 3 seasons (fall, spring, summer) a year in Savannah La Liga (Savannah, GA). My coed team made it to 3 finals and won 1, and our 11 aside made it to 2 semifinals and one finals (fall 2013). I look forward to making it to practice sessions for a few teams. Request Details
Darius 08-14-14 7v7 11v11 19 Male Looking for a team. I play center midfield and striker. Played club and high school. Looking to improve my game and play the sport because of the love I have for it. Request Details
Hayden George 08-13-14 7v7 22 Male Looking for a lower league team. Have played since I was a kid. Played varsity soccer in high school and played club in college. Defense and midfield are preferred positions Request Details
Saturday Morning Soccer 08-11-14 7v7 20 - 35 Female Looking for a decent girl to play in the Saturday morning competitive league. Ideally midfield or defense. Would only need pay the balance of the season. We're a good team - recently promoted and currently 2 - 0 on the season. Contact Steve if you're interested. The team is Manatee FC. Request Details
Hans West 08-11-14 7v7 11v11 22 Male I have played since I was younger. 6'1, athletic and extremely competitive. I exercise regularly and love all sports. I have a fairly open schedule, and get of work at a reasonable time. Request Details
Kyle 08-10-14 7v7 26 Male Played club (classic) and high school growing up. Best in the midfield or defense. Request Details
Keith McNulty 08-10-14 7v7 11v11 45 Male I coach youth soccer Mondays and Wednesdays, would like to join an over 40 league that plays on Tuesday evenings this fall. I played growing up. Been mostly coaching the past five years but played recreationally the last few years as well. I'm in decent shape and am best in the midfield but can play any position. Request Details
Ivan Alexander 08-08-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 40 Male Former player and referee looking to get back into soccer on the field. Love the game and would love to get on a recreational team of any sort. Weekend days preferred, but might be able to work around some weeknights, depending on the night. Request Details
Brad 08-08-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 28 Male I played club soccer through high school, starting when I was 8. I really enjoy competing and very much miss team sports. I love to win and appreciate a good battle, so my goal is definitely more than just participating. I'm willing to play offense or defense, whatever the team needs. This will be my first time playing out of Silverbacks park...can't wait to get out there! Request Details
Jack res 08-07-14 7v7 11v11 26 Male British guy looking to play as much soccer as I can before I go back home, tricky fast paced winger . Request Details
Nick Bedoya 08-05-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 28 Male Hello, I am 28, Colombian male, have played all of my life since I can remember. Played 4 years of high school varsity here in Atlanta as well as club. I have been out of the game for a few years but wanting to get back to it because I love the game and I also want the exercise. I still practice and have played pick up games here and there. My experience as a player has been at striker or center mid. I would love to join a team ASAP and have fun. Feel free to email or text at 404-277-5258. Thank you Request Details
Thomas LePage 08-05-14 7v7 11v11 30 Male I've played soccer most of my life (with the exception of college when I played baseball). I am 6'4" so I am valuable in the air. I normally play up front or in the midfield. I can also serve as a backup or emergency goalkeeper. I most recently played in the ADASL in the 2nd and 3rd division a few years back. I love the game and I just want to keep playing. Let me know if you're interested. Request Details
Michael B 08-04-14 7v7 11v11 35 Male Hello, Left footed, usually play halfback, Looking to play division 3-5 over or under 30, currently play on Wednesday in division 3 team. Request Details
Jonathan Bettis 08-04-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 33 Male Recently moved to the Atlanta area. Haven't played soccer competitively in years. Started playing soccer when I was 4, but lost interest in my teens and have only played pick up games since. I was always one of the best players in my league, played select and premier. I'd say my skills are not bad for somebody who hasn't played competitively in about 15 years. Done a lot of traveling and played a little intramural in college, while in the US Army, in Qatar, Korea, and Colorado, but nothing serious. Looking to have fun mainly and want to get back into soccer because I have 2 little kids who I want to get into soccer and coach eventually. Indoor was always my favorite, but looking for a steady team in any league. Request Details
Jessi Harnisch 07-31-14 7v7 11v11 25 Female Hi! I moved to Atlanta from Southern California two years ago. I've been playing soccer since I could walk, and have been playing competitively for the past 15 years. I played D1 and club at UCLA, and have mostly played center back and outside mid my whole life. I haven't played competitively in the last two years, and I'm trying to get back into consistently playing. I'm looking for a women's or co-ed team - 7v7 or 11v11. Please contact me! Request Details
Hunter 07-31-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 26 Male Moved here from Florida a little less than a year ago and finally got the time to join a league. I have played soccer since I was 12 all through high school etc. Have played defense since the beginning but I am able/willing to play whatever a team needs. I don't want to blab on about myself, just please let me know if you need someone, want more info, or want to play a couple days. Thanks! Request Details
David 07-30-14 7v7 28 Male left mid, played at Gpc dunwoody last fall. im tring to play tonight 404 436 5059 Request Details
Carrie 07-30-14 7v7 11v11 Female I play Tuesday nights, but I also would like to play another night and on a women's full field team. I play left wing or midfield. Thanks! Request Details
Kush D'Souza 07-30-14 7v7 11v11 30 Male Played football (soccer) since I was 5 and am pretty good at it. Preferred position is central midfield but can play defense as well. Looking to play at competitive or intermediate level. Request Details
Chris 07-30-14 7v7 33 Male Played my whole life and looking play 7v7 at any level, mens or co-ed. After my 7v7 team disbanded a few years back I've been on a hiatus but would really love to find another team. I played soccer in college, am in decent shape and I'm a good team player. I can play any where but in goal and am looking for a good social team of any level. Request Details