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Name Date Posted League Age Gender Comments Contact
Joseph 04-12-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 31 Male Looking to get back into soccer with a recreational team. Request Details
nicole 04-11-14 7v7 11v11 26 Female I played competitive soccer my whole life. Travel, premier, odp, select, college, gawsa, and ny magic. I am working in atlanta for 4 months and I would love to play in a weeknight league. Request Details
Chris 04-09-14 7v7 Male Our team is looking for a fulltime goal keeper. Our old goalie is no longer available to play on Wednesday nights. We are a stable team that has been playing on Wednesday nights for 4 years. We've been between D4 and D7. We're currently in D7. Picking up a true goalie would go a long way in helping work back up the divisions. If you're good and reliable, you can play for free! Request Details
Johnnie 04-08-14 7v7 11v11 26 Male Georgia State student from Michigan looking for a coed team for the summer. I currently play in mens A5 as a goaltender and also feel comfortable playing center mid. Request Details
Jose 04-07-14 7v7 31 Female Looking for a team or willing to star a new one, I played on D2 and D3 on Thursday night, also played in a coed team D3 on Tuesday, I play midfield or forward Request Details
Ali H 04-06-14 7v7 11v11 25 Female New to Atlanta. Played Division 1 college soccer and would love to find a competitive and fun coed team. Please let me know if you need another female player! I'll play any position (except keeper!). Request Details
Aaron Thompson 04-05-14 7v7 26 Male Just moved to Atlanta from Australia, would love to get a touch on the ball again. Played at a decent level back in Sydney, looking to meet some new people and have some fun on a weeknight playing football. I'm also reliable - my work allows my flexibility with any time, on any weeknight. I'm also happy to start a new team with many of the people on the classifieds. Request Details
Minnie Elliott 04-05-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Female I played soccer for 10+ years; 2 years at a D1 university in North Carolina. I've been playing small-sided pickup games since moving to the ATL area about 2 months ago, but would love to join the league and play more often in a competitive atmosphere while meeting new people. I prefer to play outside mid and/or forward. But open to helping wherever needed. Request Details
Levy St Cloud 04-02-14 7v7 11v11 48 Male I have been playing soccer since I was seven years old. Soccer is the national sport in my country. I didn't have a chance to play last summer cause I was moving. I now live 15 minutes from the park and get out of work most days by 5 pm. I am very competitive, I hope to find a good team I can play for. Request Details
Nicholas Stinson 03-31-14 7v7 21 Male Playing soccer since I was 4, been playing club ball since I was 12, currently playing college soccer. play anywhere on the field except goalie. Request Details
Nick 03-31-14 7v7 29 Male Looking for a competitive Monday night game, ideally Premier or D1. I play on a D1 Wednesday team at Silverbacks and a D1 Monday team in a different league. I would like to transition to a Monday league at Silverbacks. If any teams need a player mid season let me know. I play regularly and am comfortable playing any position. Feel free to email me or text me at 770.262.2151. Thanks Request Details
Beth Kendrick 03-29-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Female Started playing the game of soccer since the age of 5. In high school i was selected to play for an elite travel club while playing for my high school team. Earned a scholarship to play at Saginaw Valley State University, a division 2 university in Michigan. I moved down to Georgia for employment and want to participate in a competitive league to relive my glory days. Request Details
Chris 03-26-14 7v7 43 Male Looking for moderate to rec men's or co-ed. Play all positions except keeper. Request Details
Coed Goalkeeper Wanted! 03-26-14 7v7 Our Tuesday night Division 2 coed team is looking for a full time goalkeeper. We are pretty competitive, and a fun team. Please email if you are able to help us out. Thank you! Request Details
Keya Loggins 03-24-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Female We'll soccer has got to be my biggest sport thus far that I have been playing for many years since I was in the second grade. I have had plenty of experience starting so young with traveling teams. I then went on to hs and played on a division one competitive college showcase team as well as another division one traveling team. During the summers I would go and play for FC Harlem in NYC . There I mastered skill and quickness. I even played al little over seas for a month in Austria. All in all you can tell I love soccer and I am very competitive. I also have a throw in that is out of this world! Just looking for a team home down here in Ga. Request Details
Alex Reynaud 03-22-14 7v7 21 Male I have played soccer my whole life. I have played at the recreation, club, high school varsity, state and regional teams. Was going to play in college but decided not to. Looking for a fun team to play on. Request Details
Shelby Carter 03-22-14 7v7 11v11 19 Male Played on and off since I was young, now looking for a team that focuses on Chemistry and Passing among other things. Went to Tallahassee to play but Florida State won't have a team for a bit and did not feel like waiting. Now I am back in South Metro Atlanta and looking for a strong team. Request Details
Connor Fanning 03-20-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 28 Male

My other soccer team stopped playing so I am looking for a new team to play on. Sunday nights and Monday nights work best for me. I played in high school and have been playing pick up games for awhile now. I am a good player but no all - star. I played attack but I am open to play anywhere I am needed. You can text me at 770-329-1671 if that's easier.

Request Details
Kelemen E 03-20-14 7v7 37 Male Hello, i'm looking to play in a rec league 7v7 during the week after 7pm and have some good fun and games. I'ave played in Division 2 rec leagues both 7v7 and 11v11 for about 5 years. Prior to and during this time I'ave played pickup soccer for many years and just love to play soccer. I play mostly midfield or forward. Looking to get back into playing with a good team...get me on your team and lets play! Request Details
Charlotte 03-20-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Female

Hi! I just moved to ATL this year and I would love to play soccer & flag football! As far as my soccer experience goes, I played on club teams as a kid and throughout high school. I was the captain for two years on my high school team. In college, I played on a pretty intense intramural team, but I also played a lot of pick up games with the club team players. I'm honestly pretty rusty since my high school glory days have passed, but I just really love to play. I prefer to play defense, but I'm not too shabby at midfield. I played indoor with One Touch this winter, and I played any position needed. You can't depend on me to make a shot, but I'll provide an assist or defend the goal. I really want to play on a competitive team, but I mostly want to have fun! As far as flag football, I played on a (mostly) undefeated intramural team in college. I'll never be a quarterback, but I can receive. I'm a quick runner, so I'm pretty good at pulling flags. #coolbrag I'm short too, so maybe that gives me a better angle? I would love to play on a team that actually cares whether or not we win, but I honestly just want to play for a good time.

Request Details
Goal scoring machine needed 03-17-14 7v7 28-33 Male

Goal scorer needed for over 30 D1 on Thursdays. Must be 28-33 years old. All games will be on the softer turf of the stadium or top fields. Must be comfortable with 1v1 play and back to goal. Please send brief summary of soccer experience including the last 6 months. The new season begins this Thursday March 20 , so please reply soon if interested.

Request Details
GK NEEDED 03-17-14 7v7 28+ Male

We've been in over 30 - D1 for a couple seasons, but we've lost our last few goalies due to children, work, and injury. We need a new goalie. The new season begins this Thursday. Please reply immediately if you are interested. You must be 28 years old or older to join the team. Experience playing GK at a high level is also preferred.

Request Details
Missy Kabisch 03-15-14 7v7 11v11 31 Female

I have 15 years experience playing mostly midfield. I am interested in playing on a womens and/or coed team. Looking foward to playing with a competitive and fun team!

Request Details
Juan Trevino 03-14-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 34 Male I have about 18-20 years experience in soccer, for the last 4 seasons I have been playing indoor soccer. I am looking for a good team with great people on them. I play goalkeeper, defender and midfield. I am looking forward to playing with a team. I have a great personality and I know the game and play it even better. Please feel free to email me asap if you need a player, im itching to get back into the game, cause my other season just ended. Request Details
Metin 03-14-14 7v7 11v11 28 Male

I played soccer in competitive city leagues in Turkey for years. I mostly played as a center back and striker. Since I came to the US, I have been looking for a team to regularly play with. I can communicate in German and Turkish in addition to English. This will be my first time at Atlanta Silverbacks. I don't know what the level of game is in different divisions but I would like my team to be competitive in a competitive division to have some fun. By the way, I'm okay with try outs.

Request Details
Axel 03-13-14 7v7 11v11 33 Male

I have never played for a club. I have only played with other friends from school or work. However, I have already played with club players in the same team and participated in amateur tournaments. I then played as a defender and it worked out well. I haven't played soccer for a few years now so I will need a bit of time to get back into it. At first, I will probably have difficulties to play a full game but I'm sure that my physical condition will improve. My technique is not good and I would appreciate if I could improve my technique through training sessions. I'm a team player.

Request Details
Rafael Soto Estrada 03-13-14 7v7 17 Male

Estoy buscando un equipo, soy medio; Por favor llamame a 678-362-1867 o un email! I am looking for a team to join, I'm a midfielder. Please call me at 678-362-1867! I don't speak a lot of English but wish to play with a team so I can learn at the field!

Request Details
Jamie 03-10-14 7v7 11v11 26 Female

Hello! I'm looking for a team. I'm a striker and always have been. I've played soccer for 20 years. I played in high school and college. I would love to give more info upon request.

Request Details
Max Richards 03-07-14 7v7 23 Male

I'm new to the Atlanta area and I'm looking to join a team down here. I started playing soccer when I was young and have played throughout high school and college. I am willing to play any position (other than GK) but I prefer midfield. I feel that I could be a valuable member to any team. I am available all days of the week and will never miss a game.

Request Details
Eddie Alvarado 03-04-14 7v7 11v11 18 Male

I am a goalkeeper and i have played for 12 years now and I'm looking for a team in Atlanta. I want to show new people what i got!

Request Details
Zach Stanfield 03-04-14 Indoor 7v7 37 Male

Began playing at 6yrs old. 4 yrs high school varsity. Left footed midfielder/defender. Played at level D3-D1 at Silverbacks park in the past. Prefer Over 30 League for 7v7 outdoor. D2-3 for Indoor. Fitness level needs improvement. Eager to begin playing again. Available for most games. Prefer week nights.

Request Details
Wezly Barnard 03-04-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 29 Male

I am a goalkeeper looking to play at a decent level in both 7v7 and 11v11. I have currently graduated from Young Harris College where i was playing in the NCAA Division II Peach Belt Conference. I have also played semi-pro the last three summers for Chattanooga FC and Knoxville FC. I also played full time in South Africa where I am from.

Request Details
Justin Griggs 03-03-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Male

I just recently moved to atlanta and I am looking to play some good competitive soccer. I have played soccer my whole life and went to college to play soccer. I played for a division 2 school before I moved up to Division 1 ACC competition with Virginia Tech University. I play more preferred Center Mid but also Defense please contact me whenever your looking for a consistent soccer player.

Request Details
John Rush 02-28-14 Indoor 7v7 24 Male I just moved to the area and would love to join a team of people around my age. I played select soccer while growing up and have played a few years of indoor. Request Details
Magnum 02-28-14 7v7 11v11 25 Male

I've been playing since about 6 years old. I'm most experienced as a defender, but I can play midfield as well. I'm 182 cm tall and weigh 75 kg. I'm naturally right footed and my strengths are passing and shooting. I don't think I'm good enough for D1 or D2, but I'm willing to be a backup if anyone one needs extra subs. I travel a lot for work so I can only play on weekends for now.

Request Details
Tommy 02-27-14 7v7 36 Male

I have played every position with mid-field being my best. Started varsity all 4 yrs in high school. Started as Stopper two yrs in college. Have played pick up games at the UGA intramural fields for years. Have played on several coed and 35+ teams at the YWCO in Athens. just moved to Suwanee and looking for a 35+ team and might consider a coed team as well..

Request Details
RJ Manborde 02-25-14 7v7 28 Male Looking for a coed team for Tuesdays. Preferably between D2-D4. I usually play a wing back position but I am very flexible/comfortable going in the middle or up front. I have been playing at the silverbacks for about 4 seasons. I also play on Wednesdays in the Mens League. But currently looking for a team I can have fun with (winning = Fun)! :) Request Details
Kaitlyn 02-25-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 30 Female Hello! I am new to Atlanta and would love to find a co-ed or female team to play with. I played competitively in high school and recreationally since then. I'm available Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights. Please let me know if you have a spot available, thanks! Request Details
Nataly Arias 02-24-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 27 Female Hi! New to the Atlanta area and would like to join a competitive coed team. Have international experience and play with the Atlanta Silverbacks women side. Just want a competitive environment to stay in shape and be challenged. Request Details
Tim Hayes 02-23-14 7v7 31 Male Just moved to Atlanta from London and looking for a team. I've played as a striker at semi-pro level my whole life, however, very flexible in other positions especially wide right and wing back. Looking for a 7v7 game in a semi competitive quality team. Two footed, 6'5in. Request Details
Tony Szczesniak 02-23-14 7v7 11v11 48 Male I am interested in playing to have fun and make friends. I am a decent recreational player interested in playing on a men's team and/or on a coed team in the evenings. I have been coaching my kid's U12 team for the past couple of years and I love the game. I am happy to play in any position. I particularly like playing Keeper. My wife, Patti, is interested in playing as well so if there is a team that we can be on together that would be great. Please call me at 404-218-0368. Thanks, Tony Request Details
Jeff B 02-22-14 7v7 29 Male play mostly defense and mid. best match would be wed games lower division. Request Details
Matthew Partin 02-22-14 7v7 11v11 27 Male Grew up playing soccer. Played intramural in high school and college. Been on a few tours through Brazil and played As high as division 2 pro in the league there. 5 yrs with club soccer after college SBFC in San Diego at premier lvl Greenville Eagles in SC. I'm coming off a 1 1/2 yrs off season looking to get back into competitive play. Played mostly forward, wing, or midfield my whole life. Request Details
Sasha Ghasemshahi 02-20-14 7v7 22 Male Looking to play competively. Play all positions in the midfeild. Have been playing for 15 years and am looking to play on a competitive team. Can play any day for the most part. Contact for more info. Request Details
Andres Correa 02-18-14 7v7 29 Male

I am currently seeking for an opportunity to play 7v7 on Mon, Tues, or Weds, Division 1,2, 3 or 4. I have been playing soccer for the past 9 years competitively as a right-back mostly. I also play in the midfield. I just obtained a National Diploma as a coach for the NCSAA so I am persuading to obtain some type of coaching experience as well, Please feel free to contact me at

Request Details
Charles Cook 02-16-14 7v7 47 Male

Want to add over 40 with my Thursday over 30. Helped team win over 40 div 3 championship last year but team dissolved. Prefer one touch possession play. Played youth, h.s., club, won indoor and outdoor divisions in Alabama. Play wing, mid, striker. 404-567-3355

Request Details
jay 02-16-14 7v7 43 Male hi i play soccer on Friday only so i am looking to play more during the week i am free Monday through Thursday , position i play left right wings and striker i was playing all my life and i am good at it ,looking to join a team 7v7 or 11 v 11 i am available Request Details
samuel iaquinta 02-15-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 29 Male I play midfield but am flexible to play anywhere. Played soccer all my life and at silverback park for a couple years. Played on teams in D5 - D2. I am currently on a monday team and am looking another. Request Details
Brian 02-15-14 7v7 11v11 45 Male Many years of soccer- select growing up, adult leagues for years, indoor, outdoor 7v7, and outdoor 11v11. Left footed, typically mid/winger type player, can play up and back and accurate passer to get plays moving. Request Details
Mark Biagioni 02-15-14 7v7 34 Male

Play on Thursday nights on a good team in a good division. Midfield attacking and looking to have fun and play more reguarly.

Request Details
John Rincon 02-14-14 7v7 11v11 23 Male

23 year old looking to play for a team on Saturdays. I've been playing since I can remember and currently play D2 7v7 on Mondays, however I'm looking to play more than just once a week. I'm a forward who loves making runs behind the back line, but also love drifting out wide and taking players on down the flanks. I can also play on the right or left of the defense. I'm a committed and dedicated player that's just looking to get on another team and get more game time.

Request Details
Amy Poe 02-13-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 27 Female

Hey! I recently moved to Atlanta and am looking for a rec league to join. I have played soccer for 15 years including high school, premier club and college intramurals. I play the striker/forward position, but also spent many years in goal. In terms of flag football, I have played for several years as well including college intramurals and ad league. Would love to join any team looking to be competitive yet still have fun.

Request Details
ILAN SKLAR 02-12-14 7v7 33 Male

Hey, my name's Ilan, I've been playing soccer for about 2 years but have been playing all sorts of sports for many years (basketball, hockey, tennis). I'm looking for a co-ed or 7 v 7 men's league, nothing too high level since I'm no Christiano Rinaldo. I've played on a few co-ed teams and a men's, definitely a lot better than when I first started. Lookin to have some fun, get some exercise and kick some balls.

Request Details
chad pierce 02-12-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 27 Male

3 years high school varsity football 200m dash state contender 1 year of college foolball 1 year of semipro football 2 years of collegiate track and field 400m dash national champiom 4x1 national champion Known to go into beast mode!!!

Request Details
Alec M. 02-12-14 7v7 11v11 18 Male

Hey, I am looking for a 7v7 or 11v11 team to join. I am a left back and center back. I also have played club soccer for 11 years and played varsity through high school.

Request Details
Chris 02-11-14 Indoor 7v7 24 Male

A (female) friend and I are looking for a co-ed team to play on together. We both played competitively up through high school and would like to get back into playing.

Request Details
Jessica Raines 02-11-14 Indoor 7v7 23 Female My friend and I would both like to play on a co-ed team together (he's male, I'm female). We both played up through high school and want to get back into it. Please let us know if there are any spots available. Request Details
Ben H 02-10-14 7v7 29 Male

Played select club and high school soccer. Typically played wing and defense. I play pickup weekly which is great but looking for more time and competition. I live close to Silverbacks and my work is great for an evening matches. I'd be up for forming a team as well just don't know enough people to get that going. Really looking to play more so hit me up!

Request Details
Sasha Ghasemshahi 02-10-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Male Have been playing soccer all of my life. Looking to join a competitive team. Recently moved to Atlanta and looking for a competitive men's team that wants to win! Request Details
Jeremy Hogan 02-10-14 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 22 Male

Played soccer and football my whole life. Just graduated from UT and moved down here and would love to play on any team whatsoever. I would make my own team but as of right now, I don't know many people here.

Request Details
Dan M 02-07-14 7v7 32 Male

I've played for the past 7 years in the Silverbacks 7v7 Wednesday Men's Open League, but unfortunately my long-time team is disbanding due to players moving away, family commitments, etc. I'm now looking to join either another 7v7 Men's Open team or an Over-30 team. I prefer to play central or outside midfield. I'm a skilled passer/distributor of the ball and have also led my team in scoring a few times. I'm hoping to join a team in D4 or above. I can typically make every game.

Request Details
Matheus Goncalves (Matt) 02-06-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 32 Male

Brazilian soccer player, right footed, I play forward and offensive midfield. I started playing soccer when I was 2yo, and played as PRO from 11 to 18. Looking for recreational level for now (because I'm a little out of shape), but I'll be looking for something more competitive in the near future.

Request Details
Krish Krishna 02-06-14 7v7 40 Male

Played few matches last year. Use to play back home in india. Thank You, Krish 404-759-6260

Request Details
Wednesday D6 Mens Team (Seeking a Goalie) 02-05-14 7v7 27 Male We are looking to start a new season on 2/12 and we are actively looking for a goal keeper who can commit to the entire season. We are in D6 currently and we play on Wednesday evenings. Let us know if you are interested or know someone who is. Request Details
STEPHEN 02-05-14 7v7 29 Male Hit me up 305 748 5364. I can play any day after 6PM but would prefer to play on Saturdays at any time. Any Saturdays league out there needing a good player? I can run a mile under 7min i'm a natural futboler and i love the game. Request Details
Phil Johnston 01-25-14 7v7 11v11 25 Male

I play midfield or defense. I have been playing since I was a kid through high school and intramural in college. I would like to join the co-ed league on Tuesdays starting in the spring.

Request Details
Jeremy Nodine 01-23-14 Indoor 7v7 11v11 25 Male

20 years experience in competitive play. I like to play in many positions, but most experience on the wing or forward. Really love to play.

Request Details
Fernando Chavez 01-20-14 7v7 11v11 21 Male

I'm from Mexico, my preffered position is GK, I've been playing in that positions for more than 4 years. I want a team for saturday or sunday

Request Details
Henry Belcher 01-15-14 7v7 11v11 26 Male My wife and I are looking for a co-ed team to join. I played while in the Air Force and she's played for years. Its been a little while for both of us so we have to shake off the rust lol. Request Details
J. M. Carpenter 01-13-14 7v7 39 Male I am looking for a team to play over 30 recreational level. I've played high school level and youth club soccer at right defense or midfield, and have started to get back into the game within the last 5 years. Recent experience includes indoor and outdoor over 30 leagues. I currently play in a Monday indoor league and a Saturday outdoor league. Request Details
Ivan Moreno 01-11-14 7v7 11v11 24 Male

I played club since I was 5, then played high school and college. Soccer is what I pretty much grew up on. I played at Silverbacks leagues before, and would like to join again, I always have fun at these games. I play mid or forward. Looking forward to here from someone thank you.

Request Details
Jackie O'Brien 11-20-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 24 Female

I've played soccer since I was 4 years-old and have missed playing the past 3 years! I played rugby for 2 years in college and have been trying to play a little with the women's team here, but would also love to get back into soccer. Being new to Atlanta I want to get involved in some new things and hope to join a team in this league as I live nearby! Most of my life I played either outside midfield or forward. Running is not really my strength so forward would be better, but either way I have always been an offensive player. I'm not sure how intense this league is, but would love more details and competition in a sport I have loved my whole life. Feel free to contact me at any time!

Request Details
Scott Morris 11-20-13 7v7 43 Male

Experienced player (35+ yrs including youth state teams, ODP, A-League waaaaaay back in the day) looking for an O-40 team on Mondays and/or a Coed team on Tuesdays. I'm currently playing Thursday O-30 D1 but would like to pick up some more games during the week as I try to improve my fitness after suffering a broken foot this summer. Prefer to play defense. Thanks! Scott 713.623.3316

Request Details
Magnum Jiraboondilok 11-20-13 7v7 11v11 25 Male I'm 6'1" and right footed. I like playing on the outside. Preferably left mid. But I've played full back, center half, and center mid. I've been playing since I was 6 years old. I played for my school up to high school and played intramurals in college. Request Details
Robert Comrie 11-20-13 7v7 49 Male

Been playing rec on a regular basis - Silverbacks Park, Creekside-Loganville, and the Y, Lawrenceville - so I'm in decent shape. I'm looking to join a D2 league team. Any position is better than my couch :-)

Request Details
Andrew Mungan 11-20-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Male

Played competitive soccer through high school. Played collegiate Ultimate frisbee for Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Recently moved to Atlanta, looking to get back into playing recreational sports.

Request Details
Sebastian Murcia 11-19-13 7v7 23 Male

Looking for a Co-ed team for Tuesdays. Would prefer to play D3 or higher, but I'm open to just about anything. I've played 3 seasons at silverbacks (2 in Premier and 1 in D2). I'm primarily a full back that likes to push forward e.g. Glen Johnson or Jose Enrique, but I can play any position where I am needed. I've been playing for 9 years and am very easy going so I never ever lose my cool.

Request Details
Chris Cosenza 11-18-13 7v7 42 Male

Scott, Would like to be placed on a Monday or Tuesday Coed Team preferably no lower then D3 but would prefer higher. Let me know what you have. Would also consider any of your men's teams on the same or another night if the coed leagues didn't work out. Thanks. Chris 404-822-0078

Request Details
Lance 11-13-13 7v7 26 Male

Played dev 1 and high school team won state when I was younger. Burned out so only played recreationally through college. Looking to play on a coed or mens team Monday or Tuesday.

Request Details
Carlos A. 11-11-13 7v7 11v11 24 Male

I have been playing since I was a kid. I played club and then at school as well. I have played in the Silverbacks league, and I was set to play this current season, but I had to take some time off because of an injury. I would love to get back into it. I can play anywhere in the back as well as outside mid.

Request Details
Scott Rossi 11-09-13 7v7 47 Male

Have been playing in an O-30 league at One Touch Soccer for past 2 years...taking a couple seasons off there, because they are hacks.... I am a GK, and only a GK...

Request Details
Jeremy 11-08-13 7v7 30 Male

Looking to join an O-30 team on Thursdays. Currently play Tuesday Coed D1 and Wednesday Mens D1, but any division is fine. Prefer to play defense or midfield. (706) 372-1750

Request Details
Henry Belcher 11-08-13 7v7 11v11 26 Male

Experienced Goalie!!! Looking to play at any level. Received goalie of the year award out of all US Air Force base teams.

Request Details
Taylor Henderson 11-07-13 7v7 11v11 23 Male

Played competitively in high school and recreational through college (my school didn't have a team) I'm right footed and can work on the wing, center and any position on defense. I consider myself a talented playmaker/chance creator and my long balls are deadly. Looking for a group of cool people to play with competitively but also for the love of the game.

Request Details
Nick 11-07-13 7v7 28 Male

My team just folded after 3 years in D1. (Injuries, jobs, babies, etc.). Ideally would like to play Wednesday D2-Premier. I can play anywhere and know how to work the ball and play fast, one touch soccer. My cell is 770-262-2151.

Request Details
Dan Davis 11-07-13 7v7 11v11 35 Male

Recently moved to Atlanta from London, have played regular competitive football since the age of 10. Can play pretty much anywhere in defense or midfield. Sundays 11 v 11 would be my preferred option but open to other offers. Looking to find a regular team but also flexible if you need me to fill in for a game or too. Cheers Dan

Request Details
Will Ganas 11-07-13 Indoor 7v7 27 Male

Only been playing for about a year. No serious competition aside from a 3v3 tourney. I play best up front.

Request Details
Sebastian Romano 11-07-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 27 Male

A lifelong soccer player, accustomed to a variety of positions. Played throughout high school and intramurals in college. In high school primarily played outside midfield and defense. In college played mostly central midfield, though I did play out wide as well. Also capable as a false 9 and as an outside defender. Overall good ball and passing skills. I am super chill and open to filling the needs of your team!

Request Details
Donnacha Fitton 11-05-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 24 Male

Just moved to Atlanta from Ireland. Have played club soccer for 14 years. Played in Ireland, England and South Korea. Competent right back, right mid or centre mid. Can play centre back if needed. Give us a shout if you are stuck for a player.

Request Details
Michael Rhodes 11-05-13 7v7 44 Male Have played since I was a kid and continued playing into adulthood - no breaks. Currently playing 11v11 on Sundays - have played 7v7 at silverbacks. Looking to get on a men's Over 30 Thursday and/or Over 40 Monday team (D3-D5 would probably be the best fit) Request Details
Myron Green 11-05-13 Flag Football Indoor 7v7 11v11 28 Male Beginner Request Details
Vince Maraschiello 11-05-13 7v7 42 Male Play indoor/outdoor over 30 and over 40 mid field or full back. Looking for Division 5 or 6 Wed night team Request Details
Dave Brown 11-05-13 7v7 11v11 41 Male

Committed (and pay-on-time) player looking for: 1..) Mens O-40 (any div.) AND 2.) Co-ed O-30 or open (D2 or lower) Looking for a permanent team in both. Experience: 30+ years experience; currently play Men's O-40 Premier; pick-up on weekends with D1-D5 level players; Position: offense-minded - striker/winger or midfielder; good passing skills; good field vision; team player with ability to finish and assist

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Anna Selser 11-05-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 23 Female

I've been playing competitively my whole life, played at a competitive D3 school in college. I'm already in a league on Tuesday nights so another day would be ideal- I'm flexible. I prefer defense but will also play midfield.

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David Bortolazzo 11-05-13 Indoor 7v7 28 Male

I have played for the last 10 years, defense mostly.

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Diana T 11-05-13 7v7 28 Female

Have played at Silverbacks before - just took some time off for injury so looking to get back into it. ACC collegiate experience, would prefer to play coed D2 or above.

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Brittany Tosh 11-05-13 7v7 23 Female

I've played soccer competitively pretty much my whole life. High school, college intramural, travelling teams, adult teams, etc. I prefer a competitive level and good team organization. I'm just looking to play on a Monday Co-ed team, as I already have Tuesday team. Thanks!

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andres vargas 11-05-13 Indoor 7v7 11v11 31 Male


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Samantha 11-05-13 7v7 11v11 21 Female

I currently play Wednesday nights on a co-ed team but am looking for a more competitive feel. I have played for school and travel teams since I was 4. I love to play midfield but am a good forward as well. 770-508-4346

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Ivan 11-04-13 7v7 24 Male

I played in the Silverbacks co ed league in the summer, but then went to another league in the fall. I've played soccer my whole life 20 years to be exact. Played club and some college. Looking to play some more. I love the Silverbacks league.

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